Seeking recommendation of forex system - trend following, intraday, rule-based


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Hi folks,

As I write in the thread title, I am seeking a system for trading forex that is rule-based, trend following, and tradeable on the intraday timeframe. If there is a cost for it, that is fine. My goal is an average compounded return of 1%-2% daily.

Any time you invest in responding is very much appreciated. Thank you.

- John


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My goal is an average compounded return of 1%-2% daily.
Taking the average (1.5% per day) and compounding it daily, allowing for 22 trading days per month, would turn an initial £1,000 into over £50,000 within one year. I'll be watching the thread with huge interest, because we can surely all abandon everything we're doing and get very rich, very quick, if anyone posts such a system! :eek:

Do you think that perhaps a more modest 3%-4% per month might be a more realistic ambition? I know I'd have been delighted with that, when I first started ... ;)

Please excuse my semi-facetious post, John, but to be frank I'm rather surprised to see someone who's been a member here for nearly a decade having quite such unrealistic ambitions.
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