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I hear china is even importing rice now, though don't take that as a tip. Does any spreadbet service offer rice?


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Impressive rally in Feb-Mar!

Impressive rally! Completely missed. I don't think a lotr of brokers follow this contract. Uptrend seems to be strong. Indicators do not point to pending weakness.

CBOT 2000cwt per contract
min fluctuation: 1/2 c/cwt = $10.-

I am keen to learn what drives the price of the CBOT contract. Is this a world market price?
Mirror image of other grains?
Are there any sites providing supply/demand data and other background facts?


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The problem with the CBOT rice contract is that it is extremely thinly traded (lousy fills). I know one trader in the US who does rice, but only with options.
There are not many sites with info on the CBOT rice contract, but you can find some info on the sites of the USDA and NASS.

Best regards,

The Baptist

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Rice quotes


Just seen this thread.

I am involved in (rough) Rice at the moment. IGindex will do it though most need reminding they have it. The spread 1 US cent, current qoute 11070 - 11080 that is 11 dollars 7 cent and one decimal of a cent.

Enjoying the current entry on a 'Baptist Flag'. Chart attached. Did not know about China 'Funny mentals', interesting.

I have a $10 per 1 US cent position and for this volume is fine

As for qoutes you can get this and fair charts on the CBOT page. Link attached.


Happy trading.



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Sounds good. Would you mind elaborating on the "Baptist flag"? Sounds intriguing?


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Hello The Baptist,

You say IG Index do CBOT RICE.

Yet they do not list the contract in their dealing guide. WHY? ILLIQUIDITY?

Is it easy to get deals in contracts not listed by the SB?
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The Baptist

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In reply to two Q's the Baptist's Volatility Flag is what I have tigthly defined for breakouts. It is essentially a 'Flag' , 'triangle' or 'Pendant' that conforms to additional criteria I prescribe. The idea is Relative Highs and lows tighten up as volatility is ironed out before breaking out in the original direction of the move.

With regard to offering speads. I suggest chatting to your broker on the phone, it is tempting in this 'e' world to trade through the internet solely and avoid human interactions. I think having a word will always better the chance of getting inside the spread as well as finding out if a broker will offer an apparent 'unlisted market'.

Further to this Deal4 Free offer Rough Rice on their system, unlike IG who don't but will trade it. I use D4F for monitoring the mid point as their spread is 120 points while IG gave me a 100 pointer. ie 11400 to 11500 while D4F would be 11390 to 11510. The old 'shop about Maxim' holds, I dont contend by this that I have got the best but of the two I use it appears so.

Wishing all profitable trading.


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Hi guys, just had to point out one of my fave set ups on bgolds chart. Works on anything going...

I dont use indicators much, but this is the type of thing I look for when I do.

Look at the lows around Feb 9th. Notice the close occurred inside the Bollie Bands. Notice the previous higher low (around 26th Jan) was out side the bands. This, combined with the momentum (and also CCI, RSI - although they are pretty much the same thing) divergence is the clue that a reversal is on the horizon.....

Works for bearish reversals too if 1st high is outside, 2nd inside the bands + momentum diverdence.

All you do then is search for your entry.

One for you TA exam bgold???!!! Good Luck


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Hello The Baptist.

Regarding CBOT Rice - IG INDEX now have it on their dealing interface, under :

I wonder if they were listening?

The Baptist

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You are right, I had checked here before and it is great it has now been put up.

The one broker told me I was the sole interested party, when I mentioned general lack of awareness when I called in. So they have come along way in a short time.

Useful to know. I am out of my trade recently and casting about the charts for new opportunities.

I hope you found something good.


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The first thumbnail is a map showing rice growing regions in the U.S.
The second thumbnail is a projected track of hurricane Katrina.
The third thumbnail is electronic trade in the Nov. contract as of about 11:00pm cst. Sunday night.


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  • Katrina tracking.GIF
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