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My trading is based on fundamental research and this process is arduous even if it is enjoyable it does consume a lot of time. So I set off seeking a service that can offload some of this so that I can focus on intraday trading. I was looking for a service that can provide me with the bigger picture and all I needed to do is intraday sentiment analysis and trade inline with the bigger picture. Well I couldn't find anything and what I did find I couldn't review because it was 500 or more a month. So as a retail trader I realised there isn't anything there at a reasonable price so I continued doing it myself. Anyway fast forward some months and I had an idea to build this service myself. Build it to support my trading and then offer the service out to retail users.

So in the coming weeks I will be launching The site will offer a portal that offers a dashboard on central bank policy and provide enough context so that a trader only needs to refer to the site as part of their daily routine and then focus on the days trading.

This should free up several hours of research and effort tracking the bigger picture to any trader in forex.

There will be a dedicated page to each central bank with a dashboard for the central bank. The data will include a dashboard for the central banks policy, summarised information on the policy, differential statement analysis (comparing latest statement with last), key economic data points in chart form, a matrix showing a central banks policy trend over the course of time next to other central banks (like a heat map), a visual depiction of pairings (strongest against weakest), a cheat sheet of doves and hawks for central bank voting members.

I will additional have daily sentiment updates throughout the day.

I need to point out this service isn't a signal or training service but rather a convenience service by offloading the heavy lifting research and allowing the trader to focus on trading.

The plan is to use the service myself for a while to tune it for traders needs and add capabilities that allow the most convenience possible.

I will be using the service myself in my trading but figured I might as well offer the service to other traders and make the time worth my while.

I know not all of you use fundamentals in trading but for those that do there will be a 1 month free trial and subscription is monthly at a cost of £20 a month (pretty reasonable).
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