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Hi guys,

I think this is an appropriate place to tell about it as I hope our site www.quantpedia.com can be useful for you.

We are continually bulding database of quantitative trading strategies derived out of the academic research papers. We read a lot of papers (from research portals, financial journals, universities etc.), select the best and extract trading rules in plain language, performance and risk characteristics and various descriptive characteristics (the instruments used for trading, markets traded, backtest period length etc.).

Let me know it you have any suggestion for improvement ...


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I picked a couple of your clients at random from your website's 'our clients' bit and contacted them. They've never heard of you. I'm a bit of a name in this space myself so I know my way around. Would you care to name some names for confirmation just in case there has been a mistake?



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So i should register before i can access to site materias right?

You do not need to sign-up/register, free part is accessible without registration.

Strategies on Quantpedia.com are presented in a form of "Strategy Review". Each strategy consists of several parts. We provide very short desription and fundamental reasons for funcionality at the beginning of the page. Performance, risk and various other characteristics extracted from source academic paper are stated in a table. Each strategy is also described by several keywords. They connect strategies into different groups (stock picking strategie, market timing strategies, rotational strategies etc. etc.). Then we provide trading rules extracted from a source paper and links to source and related academic research papers with abstracts.
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