Please Help! How to Make a Delayed Entry After Setting a 'Switch'


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Hello Everyone in the UK,

I am a new user of MetaStock 9.0 EOD, and I am working on a stock system which requires a 'delayed' entry after I have set an initial switch on. I have built an indicator which seems to work (1 for 'on' and 0 for 'off'), however I need to set an entry price level when I set the switch on and then check whether that price level occurs somewhere in the next 10 days. Can someone help me?

As an example, I have a set of 3 conditions, say a,b, and c. On 'Bar', if a,b, and c are true, I set the switch 'on'. I need to calculate a value x = (High+Low)/2 and somehow save it as I set the switch on. Then, if price x (or better) occurs within 10 days (but not on day 'Bar') of the switch being turned 'on', I want to Buy.

Please advise. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Josef Dobrovics
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