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Product Description
Currency Traders for Beginners is a home CD course on trading world currencies (FOREX) designed for the complete beginner by John Bartlett. The CD comes with over 6 hours of Audio/visual training in 17 Audio/Visual sections:
Section 1
  • Introduction to currency pairs
  • Major currencies
  • Comparison between Forex, Equities and Futures
  • Liquidity
  • 24 hour market
  • Cost comparisons
  • Leverage
Section 2
  • Basic Principles of Currency Trading
  • Prediction vs. Betting
  • The Buy and Sell Movement
  • The “Spread” and it effects
  • Sizes of trades – pip calculation
  • Gearing & effects
  • Margins and overnight interest
  • Practical Advantages
  • Dynamics
  • A few initial thoughts on strategy
Section 3
  • Overview of technical analysis
  • The Trading Platform
  • How and where to download the demo platform
  • Help & Support on the trading platform
  • Risks involved with Forex Trading
  • Where to download the manuals
Section 4
  • An introduction to Fundamental analysis
  • Where to get live news feed
  • Brief description on effects of world events
Section 5
  • Timescales
  • Introduction to technical analysis
  • Timeframes & scales
  • Understanding what charts mean
  • Candlestick charts bar & line charts
Section 6
  • Understanding charts
  • Trends
  • Support & resistance
  • Trend reversals
  • Breakouts
  • Moving averages
Section 7
  • Studies and indicators
  • Short/Medium/Long term trades
  • Bollinger bands
  • Parabolic stop & reversal
  • Relative strength index
  • Directional movement index
  • MACD – Histogram
  • Williams %R
Section 8
  • Chart patterns that consistently make money
  • 13 specific chart patterns that work
Section 9
  • Placing trades – alternative ways
  • Placing stops and their importance
  • Placing limits
  • Moving both stops and limits
  • Changing chart parameters and colours
Section 10
  • Trailing stops to secure profits
  • Increasing positions
  • Setting alerts
  • Leaving Buy/Sell orders
  • Checking accounts
  • Hedging positions
Section 11
  • Inbuilt trading systems
  • The advantage of trading systems
  • Changing trading system parameters
  • How to set them up
Section 12
  • Bringing it all together
  • Deciding which type of trader you are
  • Preparation
  • Sample early morning setup
  • Protecting your position
  • Locking in profits
  • Using alerts wisely
  • Recording your trades in your journal
Section 13
  • Showing you entry and exit strategies
Section 14
  • Money Management (The Holy Grail)
  • The importance of financial control
  • Trading sensibly within your means
  • The financial mistakes of most losers
  • Gamblers logic and rules
Section 15
  • Psychology of trading
  • Trading what you see and not what you feel
  • Self discipline and creating working habits
  • General section on metal problems and how to overcome them
Section 16
  • Websites
  • The best websites to visit and use for Forex
  • You are shown around the internet saving you hours of research
Section 17
  • In Conclusion
  • Keeping in mind these special points
  • This is risk free learning do not rush to use real money
  • It takes time effort and discipline to learn
  • If you want to succeed, organise yourself, organise your time have a trading plan and keep records
  • Remember the importance of money management
  • Never let trading dominate your life
  • Help & Support from the author.
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