My Intro and some Qs


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Hello all. I have been learning about trading for the past few weeks and thought it was time to introduce myself and try and get some questions answered.
For the past 4 years since finishing university I have been a successful professional online poker player. Recently the difficulty of the online games has vastly increased so I am interested in transferring my skills to the stock market.
I have read "come into my trading room" by Alexander Elder and thought it was a great primer on general trading.
To compliment my learning of the markets and brush up on the programming skills I learnt at university, I am writing a charting program in Java. Currently the program uses data from Yahoo's free historical data source. It scans various exchanges and outlines which stock prices are furthest from their EMA, along with various other indicators. It then draws charts for the stocks with the highest values for the EMA/Price "gap".
I am currently implementing a feature which scans for MACD divergences. I am planning on making the program a free, open source tool for anyone to download and use.

My questions are:
Are there any features that modern charting programs do not typically include that traders would find useful?
How long do people typically train/learn before putting on actual trades?
For a successful trader, how long would a typical losing/breakeven stretch last? Would it be common for a good trader to lose for a week/month/year?

I have included a screenshot of my program in action. It flagged up IFL on FTSE. The price is far below the EMA, could be a good candidate for a long position when a drawback to EMA occurs.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, answers to my questions or general advice will be greatly appreciated (y)


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