Mike Douglas and MTA Online SCAM


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Seems Matt Travis is now going under the name Matt Lloyd and working for something called Funding Xchange... He has scrubbed MTA from his CV and was supposedly working for "learn to trade" during that period. Former MTA lackey Perry Grant is also listed as working there. As a FCA regulated business, I wonder if Funding Xchange are aware of who they really have working for them... https://www.fundingxchange.co.uk

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Yep we all knew this, still an ugly fraud with a dodgy lid reckoned on fb he was living a year in the sun bullshit

I wonder if L2T know he is stating he worked for them and set up their business?
It won’t be long and FCA will close their investigation and we will all be celebrating His rotting in a cell getting beats
I know of 2 people who have been interviewed by them voluntarily after they called them to report him for miscellaneous things. He needs to watch who he fucks with
You in the claims group mate? Its where all the shits revealed


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Has anyone contacted them and how do I get access to the claims group?