Market Behaviour and Order Type Questions


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My first post here so I hope this is an appropriate location...
I have a question regarding what happened with a particular stock in regards to the market reaction. I was in the ticker TTPH on Oct 15, 2014 and had a market sell in place as I wanted out as I thought the run was over. The next day I sold but the stock gapped down a significant amount. That I can understand as I think the business offered a boat load of stock at $19.00. The part I can't figure out is the day following, the stock traded all the way back up. Can someone give me some insight into why this would happen so that the next time I see this, I may anticipate the move back up?

My second question is about OCO orders or more exactly the lack of. My broker does not offer these types of orders so I basically need to choose between a stop loss or a profit target. Can anyone give me suggestions on how they deal with this scenario?

Thank you everyone in advance for your comments,
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