Looking to get into Futures Trading

Apr 28, 2018
if they are trading those kinds of contracts they do need a good amount of coin and many will try with insufficient funds. i know what you mean. i just thought you were talking generally. i dont want to give people hope of trading contracts too big for them
Just re-read what I wrote and I am might be going over the top. You might be able to learn a little trading smaller markets. However, lets take an example of a guy starting with $10k - a nice return of 50% in a year will get you $5k - now we know most guys will blow up the first couple of accounts. Its just not worth the time to day trade all day every day for such limited returns, think of opportunity costs. If you have a decent job or you think you can raise some money then the learning curve might be worth it, if not then don't expect to grow your $10k to $200k in the space of a couple of years - rare for this to ever happen, it is like the talent competition odds.

Best markets to learn to trade are liquid markets otherwise you will have to worry about the spread. Also, liquid markets will give TA guys far more opportunities.

My advice is to get good job and then learn on the side and then slowly start putting some of that cash to work.

Just remember the psychology of a guy with a small account, they are often looking to get rich quick and those accounts blow up very quick.