Looking for historic P/E, CAPE, P/B, Div/Yield data from around 1960- any market?


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Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Wondering if someone can either share, or direct me to a place where I can obtain historic value data, basically any market/index/exchange could be used.

I am currently writing a dissertation for my MBA. My topic is the effect of networked technology on the opportunities for value investing in developed and emerging markets.

I require historical information such as P/E, CAPE, P/B and Div/Yield for US, UK and any emerging markets.

I've done the S&P historically from pre-1900, I've found charts for the FTSE but lacking the data points to further analyse. I noticed the div/yield data shared a few threads below but there is no source so unfortunately, unusable in that form.

Also managed to find current world market data for P/E, CAPE, P/B & Div/Yield but any historic data pre-1990 is impossible to find.

Is this something anyone is able to help with, please?

Thanks and regards,


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Google Compustat. Joel Greenblatt mentions it in his books. He is the guy who asks Michael Bury for his money back in the Big Short. It is a database that lets you go back to any date in the past and get fundamental data for stocks, even ones now delisted. It has data back to 1960. Your business school library may have access to this database. it may have been renamed http://marketintelligence.spglobal.com/client-solutions/products/data-delivery/xpressfeed

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