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Over the years, traders have pointedly asked why they should spend so much money for Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) counseling to solve their trading problems.  A fair number of these traders have gone through traditional therapy, taking months or years, of weekly and bi-weekly sessions that are relatively inexpensive per session.  If these same traders have not achieved the results they wanted through such an extended therapy, how can I justify asking for a major financial commitment for two days of work?  An excellent question, I will begin my answer by telling one of my favorite stories:

A ship breaks down just before getting ready to take off on a long trip. The engineers try all of their usual tricks to get it started, but nothing works.  Just then, a clever but naive young engineer decides to look in the yellow pages. He remembers a TV commercial that said that you could find anything there.  Low and behold, he finds an ad for a man who claims that he can fix any ship. The young...

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" I started studying psychology while going through a difficult divorce. My husband was suffering from the psychological effects of serving in the Vietnam War. Feeling helpless and vulnerable, I decided that I needed to understand the workings of the mind. I wanted to understand how a normal human could instantly change into a troubled person by experiencing one or more horrifying moments. If a person could change in a negative way so quickly, I was convinced that he could change quickly in a positive way, as well. "

where to start with this?

Im holding my mouth shut for a while (undetermined) im trying to work out if shes actually joking. but.... suggestively

I think it may be more horrifying if "a person" wasnt actually greatly deeply affected by this.



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Troy McClure. And, yes, it is very U.S.

And a shame, because the origins of NLP -- Rational Analysis, Reality Therapy, Transactional Analysis -- do have something to offer. But none of them are quick fixes.


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Fluff article that reads like an intro to the writer's services. Few traders ever make serious money playing with "NLP"
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