Join Algoine: A Call for Traders to Explore Our Innovative Algo-Trading Platform


Hello everyone 👋,

Today, we want to introduce you to our innovative algorithmic trading platform, Algoine, and extend an invitation to pro-traders. Algoine is a platform that operates with cryptocurrencies, compatible with Binance Spot and USDT-M Futures markets, offering unprecedented features. (Increasing the number of integrated exchanges and adding traditional markets alongside crypto are among our 2024 goals.)

On our platform, 🤵 professional traders can create their strategies, test them in paper trading mode under real market conditions without risking real money, and run them in their real accounts. Additionally, they can list their strategies on the Strategy Market for rent. Other users, 🧑 especially those without trading experience but aspiring to trade like a pro, can browse the strategies in the market, select the one that suits them best, and rent it. After renting, they can test it for free or run it in their real accounts, with a commission applied to each profit generated.

💡 See Our Features For Pro Traders and For Investors at our website.

We consider the content of your strategy as 🧠 intellectual property and do not disclose it to anyone. However, we provide full transparency of your strategy's performance in the Strategy Market. Furthermore, we display strategy performance in two separate tables: one for the owner's performance and another for the average performance of tenants. We have a special mechanism in place to ensure that manual interventions do not affect statistics. Neither the owner can exaggerate the performance of their strategy, nor can a tenant looking to harm it manipulate it. Additionally, each month, representative medals are awarded to the best strategies and strategy creators, and these are showcased on user and strategy profile pages.

💵 Referral system earnings and commission earnings from strategies can be withdrawn as cash every month.

⭐ Our working logic is not traditional copy trading, which has many disadvantages in terms of mentality. In copy trading, there are master and slave accounts, with all slave accounts directly dependent on the master account. Whatever the master buys or sells, all slaves follow suit. While this may seem appealing at first, its flaws become apparent as you delve deeper. We have prepared a comprehensive post about this, which you can read at here: Disadvantages of Copy Trade. So, let's not go into the details here. In summary, Algoine's system is designed so that even if the strategy owner does not run the bot or has deleted their API key, each new tenant starts from scratch and adheres only to the strategy. It is not dependent on the strategy owner's API or their trades. Thus, we are presenting a solution that eliminates all the disadvantages of traditional copy trading.

📊 Let's talk about our strategy panel a bit. We claim that the most customizable trading bots of all time can be created with our platform. On our platform, you can create strategies that work for both Long and Short positions, and that handle multiple coins simultaneously. Moreover, you can assign different configurations to each asset; for example, you can assign the x(a,b,c) indicator for BTC while you assign the y(k,m,n) indicator for ETH. You can group coins and assign different configurations to groups (x for Group A, y for Group B). You can also set different configurations based on timeframes (e.g., open a $10 position if the signal comes in on M5, open a $100 position if it comes in on H1). Additionally, we have unique and lifesaver features for the bot's common risk management. In most other platforms, you need separate bots for Long and Short positions for each coin, and running multiple different bots in the same wallet is not a way of proper risk management. Instead, it is essential to manage the entire wallet's risk through a central decision-making mechanism.

📡 You can select TradingView as a signal source, or you can use our built-in indicators, or configure it to stay in the position at all times. Soon, we will provide API access as a signal source, which will be a special feature for developers to receive signals anywhere.

💓 One of our best features is configurations that can automatically adjust according to market volatility. After this feature, you will realize that all algorithmic trading platforms so far are actually semi-automatic systems. The trade bots you ordered to reinforce a position from below 5%, stay suspended for a long time in a sideways market; the bots you ordered to reinforce with 0.5% produce unwanted results when there is a sharp movement in the market. What if there was a mechanism that automatically adjusts this according to market volatility? It now exists: Algoine's Multi Layer System!

Algoine's Multi-Layer System

📨 We invite you all to explore these and many other unique features on our website and join the waiting list to gain privileges.

📣 Additionally, we invite professional traders to participate in our Call for Traders campaign: Dear traders, let's build the fully automatic Algorithmic Trading world together.

Thank you very much for reading. We wish you all success in your trading.

Kind regards,
Algoine Team
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