Is IG Markets for me?


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If you want direct market access to oil, you need a futures broker. Are you capitalised enough for this?

Personally, I have absolutely no problem dealing with a market maker, who are brokers that take the other side of your trades. I don't care what they do with my trades, as long as the price is good and execution fast. Good market makers want lots of winners doing business with them, because they value repeat customers with large accounts.
Yes this is partly true, markets makers gives you an opportunity in trading the markets, and this at a very low entry level. But being a market maker they can and will at times stop you if you are "too" successful. They are not allowed to manipulate the price feed and execution time on a client level according to the MiFID, but some of them certainly don't care about regulation. They want to have your business, but not to any cost of price, this is where some of them draw the line.

To be honest, how many would trade with a market maker if you had all the means of trading the real market? There is the tax part of SB but really, is it worth it, there are just av few of us that benefits from doing it. I still like and prefer, after many years of trading with market maker to stick with them. Some of them are actually doing a pretty good job in letting us trade the "markets". This is of course good as long as you don't have any illusions, in what they can actually do for you.


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All mm brokers are good as long as your losing money, however if your successful you'll face the same problems as Jesse Livermore did.

But like mentioned already, they remove a lot of barriers and allow you to trade with little capital. If you are 'smart' you will only use them to test out your trading and gain experience once you can trade profitably switch to a proper broker or go get a job with a trading firm.


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No thats the point. If they dont state dma access then you dont get live prices, prices are their prices, some with a 15 minute delay. This is why its hard to trust any brokerage. Theres nothing to stop them stop loss hunting with random spikes they generated but that never actually happened.

Perhaps a small starting account with ig to test initially may be the way go.

I have been looking at trading futures rather than cfds, at least my orders go straight to the book.

si_mon, how did you go with IG in the end? Did you stick with them? Have you tried brokers?
I am in Australia and want to trade the LSE. I have used NinjaTrader in the past but it seems there is no out of the box solution to trade LSE using NT, which is a real shame as I am a C# programmer, and have loved tinkering around with C# strategies.


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My understanding is that Ninjatrader supports a connection to CityIndex. However, I have not been able to get it to work as the CityIndex support people dont seem to understand the concept. I contacted them once but have not had the chance to contact them again.
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