I'm New To T2W - Where Do I Start?

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@topforextrader Hii Joe. Great to have you here. Invest your time in learning. It will save you a good amount of money. I can’t overstate the importance of studying the markets and what affects the currencies.

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Hi guys :) a newbie here! I am relatively new in trading so hope to have some fun here ;)


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Friendly welcome to Trade2Win Forum. Here to learn more about trading strategies from experienced EA and Indicator developers.


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Hello from a Mountain Top in Eastern Tennessee,

I have been trading about 30 year's and have had many up's and downs, as many have. But in I guess the last 2-3 years I've came to my ahh-haa moment. There is so much to learn and unlearn in this arena... so much to remember. When I first started trading computers and all this software was not around, Yup I'm am O'l guy... (Grin) I use to be a Union Bridge Crane Operator and just retired last year and moved from the big city to this Mountain Top. Back to my thought... After long hours at work I'd come home and go to my little room and draw charts, with moving averages on poster boards hung up on all the walls with a box of colored pencils. My how times have changed! But not much of that (Helped Me) become a better trader. I have finally learned it's a mindset and believing in yourself. I am primarily an option trader... I don't write... I don't do complex I just keep it simply, Naked calls or Puts I find best suit me. I don't own much stock because it seems counter productive. I may buy a really good stock and make 10-25 % in a year, or I can swing trade an option and make 25% to 300% in a few weeks. Many will not agree with my path but I've learned with patience and the ability to bring 3-4 factors together it is easier than most know. Anyway that's me and I'm happy to be here and become part of the community.
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