I'm New To T2W - Where Do I Start?

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Hello there, I'm a newbie in this platform, looking for some communities that could help me more about stocks.


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Good day there, I'm new to this platform and I'm searching for some groups that can assist me in learning more about stocks.


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Hey, a newbie here. Nice to meet you, guys.


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Good day, everyone! I'm a new member who's been trading for a few months. As an ex-academic, I take a cautious and methodical approach. Except for a few stupid mistakes (I recently made 30 points on a stock and left it there, only to be stopped based on "letting your winners run" - given the current market conditions, I should have taken the money off the table).


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I've been investing in crypto since 2017 but am currently learning to actively trade BTC futures.
I am working on building a strategy and intend on keeping a journal so I can fine tune as I go along.
My first foray into trading without these two things ended in massive wins and a blown up account inside of 4 days; trying not to repeat it!
Thanks, fw


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Hello there,
I'm a newbie in this platform,
looking for community where to share my feedback about stocks.



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Good Morning All,
New to the platform and trading in general. Always been intrigued by the idea of the stock market but not knowing anyone involved with it always kept it at arms length. I read as much as I can, how much of it I actually digest is another matter but I'm trying. I've opened an account on Trading212 recently with very small capital, just trying to learn and get somewhere, which is easier said than done. So, thank you for all the great information already on the site and I hope I don't annoy anyone with silly questions.

Thanks, Rick.


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Hello traders,
I am a new forex trader, I think trading is road of life with hard work. try and try......practice....

have a good tripe...


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Hey! I am new in here as well. Currently, I am getting schooled on day trading, learning around the TOS platform, and playing with simulated trading. I just learned about the backtesting, but I have not yet played with it. Hopefully, in a few months, I will dive into the real deal.
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Hi guys. First of all congrats on amazing forum ! I've been googling for a while regarding Forex brokers and found you !
I'll need few weeks to go thru it !
Thanks for accepting me in this community, hopefully I'll be able to help as you helped me so far !
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