I will not respond but I will listen for once.

Mr. Charts

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"Post one thing you do not like about me."

What, just the ONE thing!
There are just too many to prioritise.
Just don't have the time.........


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I dont know what your thread says, because I put you on the ignore list - and I dont even know you... I can hazard a guess from Mr.Charts post above though.

Anyway I only came in to see superspurs, hey spurs hows it chopping ? (y)
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Your name, any name that begins with a double letter is annoying.

PS. Mind you my handle of 'anley' annoys me even more, it's just horrible :)


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Split personality

I'm a newbie please help

next post some indepth view on something.

Mr. Charts

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There are two people on this thread who have NEVER posted a single message of the SLIGHTEST value anywhere on t2w that I've seen, and all they can do is behave like immature infants throwing their toys and what they think are insults around in their little play pens.
I'd forgotten about the ignore function so many thanks to 1Pipped who was way ahead of me in using it.


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I hate that you have an alter ego called HaloTrader, start a pointless thread stating that you won't reply and then use your alter ego to post on it.
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