I’m New To TRADING – Where Do I Start?


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The experience in the world of trading is one of the most important factors. The more we operate in, we will market more efficient. The way to become a good trader is long, so you must be willing to learn and gain experience until you become consistently profitable one operator.
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In two words, it's all about intuition and how good you are in analysis.
Good luck to everyone and wish you to ear your first million :)


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Rules - you need a trading plan one that has been back tested by you, trade an instrument you understand, don't over leverage yourself, set stops - know your entries and exits. Don't over trade.


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If you’ve just joined T2W – welcome!
First things first, if you haven’t done so already, check out this Sticky: [FAQ] I’m New to T2W – Where do I Start? That’s the starting point for ALL new members, regardless of your trading experience. It contains a list of 12 mini-FAQs which cover the basics about T2W - who’s who and what’s what etc. Once you’ve read it, you’ll have a good understanding of what a fantastic resource the site is, how to get the most from it and, hopefully, how best to contribute to it.

New to trading?
Okay, if you’re not only new to T2W, but also new to trading, then this is the FAQ for you. (If you happen to be a multi-millionaire fund manager, please read it anyway and tell us how we can improve it!) Trading is a very large subject and T2W is a very large website. You’re welcome to just follow your nose and see where it leads, or you may prefer to take a more structured route to accelerate your learning curve. If so, we have . . .

A simple 4 step plan
The Long Answer below provides a simple 4 step plan designed to give you a good insight into the world of the self taught and self funded trader working from home (known as a ‘retail’ trader). For new traders who don’t know where to start, this is the perfect introduction to the subject. Completing steps 1 to 3 will take around ten to twenty hours. At that point you will have enough information to be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not trading is for you.

100% guarantee
Yup, the 4 step plan comes with a rock solid guarantee. Once you’ve completed steps 1-3, one of two things will happen. Either you’ll be bored to tears by the whole subject or you’ll be unable to sleep at night because you’re just soooooo excited! If your rubbish bin is rapidly filling up with spent packets of Mogadon, then you’ll probably be ready to move on to step 4.

Use this Simple Moving Averages System which I and many trader have used for years. Ignore the dribble written about trading and be aware that anyone who writes hundreds or thousands of posts, isn't a trader. There are a lot wasters on this site.

A Simple Moving Average Trading System

3x13X39 = Profit
I want to address a question commonly asked by those who are computer phobic, techno confused and Internet allergic, "What is a good simple system to follow, to get in and out of markets?".
Most people are comfortable with the herd. Such good folk are most comfortable with a trend following system. I am ill at ease in a pack and downright anxious when everybody and his dog are comfortably saying the same thing. I am, therefore, drawn to oscillators to anticipate the end of popular perception. Oscillators also give an insight into the cyclical nature of markets. Being obsessed with market structure and somewhat compulsive in my quest for efficiency my ways are not 'comfortable' for many. So to get back to basics for those not able or willing to devote the time to market study that I do here is a way to handle your market study and trading decisions.
Remember the numbers 3 x 13 x 39 = Profit
Simple daily moving averages of 3,13 and 39 can keep you in and out of markets fairly efficiently and profitably, (in any time frame actually). I will show you how.
Some basic principles to hang on to are:
· The market moves in long (secular) trends which may last years, e.g. the present equity bull market dates from 1982.
· Intermediate trends lasting many months, even a couple of years or so.
· Short term trends lasting weeks or months.
· Trade intermediate trends in either direction.
· Trade short term trends only in the direction of the intermediate trend.
· 3 Day MA - a proxy for price
· 13 Day MA - a proxy for the short term trend (a moving trend line)
· 39 Day MA - a proxy for the intermediate trend (a moving trend line)
· 40 week, 200 day MA - a proxy for the secular trend (a moving Trend line)
The Basics of MAs
MAs lag market reversals at tops and bottoms, the larger the MA the longer the lag period, the shorter the MA the shorter the lag but the more frequent the whipsaws. MAs work well when markets trend but get frequently whipsawed when they are in a range.
Therefore, trade trends with the MAs but do not trade ranges using MAs. Just stand aside and be patient until a new trend emerges.
The intermediate trend is in the direction of the 39 MA which acts like a moving trend line. If the 39 MA is pointing up then the intermediate trend is up, if down the trend is down. If the 39 MA is horizontal the market is in a range, from which a trend will, sooner or later, emerge.
Simple Trading Rules
1. When the 39 MA is moving up buy when the 3 MA crosses up over the 13 MA. and/or when the 3 MA crosses above the 39 MA.. When the 13 MA crosses above the 39 MA consider adding to your long position. Exit and stand aside when the 3 crosses back below the 13 MA..
2. When the 39 MA is moving down sell short when the 3 MA crosses below the 13 MA. and/or when the 3 MA crosses below the 39 MA.. When the 13 MA crosses below the 39 MA consider adding to your short position. Exit and stand aside when the 3 MA crosses back up over the 13 MA.
3. Only initiate trades in the opposite direction of the intermediate trend when the 3 MA crosses above or below the 39 MA, preferably after the 39 MA has already changed direction.
4. This 3:13 MA crossover will keep you trading in the trend with only a small lag and on the sidelines during corrections. The lag only becomes more substantial at reversals of the intermediate trend (a 3:39 crossover), a small price to pay at these uncertain times of trend transition.

Aids to Interpretation
· When the 3:13 crossovers occur at some distance from the 39 MA then you are 'likely' dealing with a short term correction (even though it can be substantial) to the 39 MA..
· If the 3:13 & 39 MAs are close and converging before crossing over you are 'likely' dealing with an intermediate (or significant) correction of the trend or reversal.
· 'Likely' means probable not 'you can bet the farm on it' surety. There is no sure thing just as there is absolutely no free lunch.

Couple it with; http://learning.esignal.com/educators/joe-dinapoli.aspx?tc=

Use GFT as your Broker and spread bet the Italian 40 index to make good money.
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. . . Ignore the dribble written about trading and be aware that anyone who writes hundreds or thousands of posts, isn't a trader. There are a lot wasters on this site.
Hi philhackett,
As T2W is a free forum that anyone can join and contribute to then, inevitably, there will be a fair amount of 'dribble' (did you mean drivel?) written about trading. That's the nature of the beast. Similarly, there is no known correlation between the posting output of any one member and their profitability - or even if they trade at all. However, I would very much like to think that neither of your points are relevant or apply to official T2W output - which is implied by virtue of the fact that you've quoted the opening post by T2W Bot.

A huge amount of time and care went into the production of this Sticky. Even so, it is entirely possible - likely even - that there are elements in it that are incorrect, misleading or just not very helpful. If this is your view and is what prompted the comment that I've quoted, then please bring them to my attention so that I can correct them for the benefit of all members. That would be a really useful and worthwhile contribution to this thread.

I look forward to your input.
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For new traders, there is only learn and practice yourself by reading about forex in many source and try to practice trading in demo account before depositing your real money to trading.


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Price action alone is the only way I have ever made money, regardless of what market it is, the more indicators, alignments (based on historical averages) the more confusing IMHO


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Have you seen now dont quote me on the spelling I think it's Neil fuller trading the daily chart pin bar action, check that out it is a very good start IMHO


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Price action alone is the only way I have ever made money, regardless of what market it is, the more indicators, alignments (based on historical averages) the more confusing IMHO
Listen to the wise one. Price action alone is enough. Trade naked people.... it's the only way
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Its best to learn how to trade yourself, or simply follow the right people and you will do just fine. I subscribed to couple of services and its working for me.
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