I’m New To TRADING – Where Do I Start?


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hello guys , i am new on this forum , Hopefully more can share trading knowledge than traders who are here . nice can be here :D


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sorry couldnt disagree more ...........every successful Active trader has customised a system to work for them ............cloning does not work .....sure you can mirror other traders accounts .....but not the jokers on these scammy mirror sites ...........you need to pay serious money to find good traders to mirror from

Only an experienced trader can create a trading system for themselves. Beginners read about the need to create a system for themselves and begin to try to do it, wasting their time.

A trading method that works for one trader can work for millions of other traders.


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Welcome you to Forex world.First, you practiced with demo account.
Learn and understand Dow theory, how price movement in support/resistant, price pattern, define price zone. Read and practice it one-by-one until you feel comfortable it.