How to trade forex without CFD


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Hi T2W, it's been far too long since I posted here.

I know this is a silly question because there is an obvious answer: apart from going to the local bank and getting **** on by commissions and ridiculous spreads how can someone with relatively low trading capital (sub 3k) trade forex without getting **** on by attempting to trade CFDs with 1 billion to 1 leverage.

Ideally i'd like to use the charting technology in MT4 for daily/hourly movements (it's close enough to the price if you're on a 1:1 leverage lol) and call someone or place an order on my PC for a 1:1 leverage at a reasonable spread (so not a retail bank or ****ty currency exchange).

only interested in the major pairs: USD/EUR and MAYBE NZD/AUD but that'll obviously have higher spread


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found a solution for the meantime

Trading on the "forex mini" market my broker has, I still would like to move out of CFDs though so the original question stands

edit: wait, i'm literally retarded, trading on a 1:1 is more risky and wipes you out even faster... that's the point of margins in the first place zzz lel
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It’s true, of course. But you have to take in consideration other details as well. At the beginning, you don’t make money, we all know that. You have to learn a lot of new stuff and how to handle them. Trust me, it’s not that easy. Then, you have to search for forex trading platforms, forex brokers and only then can you start making some profits. Your patience will be tested and you need to have a lot of time at your disposal. If not, everything will be in vain. From my experience, it takes up to two years before you can see any tangible results. I know, it’s a long time, but trust me, it’s worth it. It will fully pay off. Just have patience. Oh, and I’m glad you’ve found a solution and excuse my nonsensical talking/writing.
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