How do YOU trade? Is my trading style good or bad?


Hi everyone!

I would like to ask you all how you guys trade in terms of your trading fund.

I have had some success with my trading fund but the way I trade is usually 1 whole trade buy and sell.

E.g. starting fund of £1000, put all £1000 on 1 trade, sell at £200 profit (£1200).

Next trade at £1200, sell at £1500, etc.

I always have a stop loss when I place orders and it is usually swing trades.

I had had success so I can say I have at least 2.5x my fund. Lets call it £1000 to now £2500.

Is this trading style bad? Is it normal to do the same way of trading if you now have a trading fund of £100,000 and putting that all on 1 trade?

Do you find your own amount you are comfortable to trade with? (E.g. £100k fund, only trade with 25k max per trade)

I'm just here to learn how others trade and reasons behind it.

If I always set a stop loss with every trade, is it still bad to trade with your whole fund in 1 trade everytime?

Many thanks! I look forward to hearing what you guys say.


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If you have £1000 you should open an order with lot 0.01, max 0.02 with leverage.
so yes you're buying £1000 worth of assets
but most importantly you should adapt trading size to volatility


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Swing trading involves holding overnight positions and even over the weekend depending on the instrument. Having a stop loss in place doesn't help much when there's major moves overnight, you could suffer losses that exceed the amount you wanted to risk and so this is why I would say it is not advisable to trade in the manner you've described unless you have a guaranteed stop.
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