How do you manage to win and stay profitable?


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from Frankie or LO (forex), its is a bit grey just as is in trading.....nothing black and white..

EU today, the vertical line is just prior to Frankie, that could be the high of the day, nothing sure........ if we look for certainties this is not the proper job.


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discipline / experience / screentime / focus / knowledge/ self awareness

I do pretty well these days scalping but am not in the league of Forexperian or major magnum re the traits needed above

I have the attention span of a fly.......... useful in my research work and experimentation .........but very very damaging when grinding out scalp pips

BUT........I cannot emphasise the need for years of screentime and practice practice practice..............get yourself a half decent system and the experience will make you profitable in the end :smart:



Did you work in the advertising industry?



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I would suggest sticking with the right strategy and effective money management can lead to win and staying profitable most of the time. Sometimes a trader losses amount but we have to let go off it, but don't go for chasing your lost money as you will lose more. I have scheduled my trading and if i win extra i stop trading and vice versa if i losses my trades, and most importantly i haven't implemented martingale strategy ever in my business.. i guess that woks, try it!
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