How did you get started in learning spread betting ?


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I am new here also new to spread betting with very little knowledge, I have a demo account on ETX Capital and I am wanting to start learning from the beginning.

Just a question on how you all started learning trading ?

Help would be great ! Thanks!



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I was lured into it by a dusky maiden who promised me a sh@g and a million pounds.
No...and I didn't get the million pounds either.

For a more serious answer, look in the "First Steps" threads.


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What you do is you create a perception that your going to be super at trading and make loads of money the next day; Open a spreadbetting account, lose all the money and i feel a lack of satisfaction and a lot of self-hatred... Then you get really into it, spend all your time learning and ignoring everything else in life, feel angry and frustrated that your not getting anywhere, with a large sack of self-punishment; The whole time not listening to anyone on the assumption that you know better...
Read about loads of stuff but regardless of how good it is; You won't profit because you won't be ready even if someone gave you a 100% win system... Eventually realise the importance of all the little aspects; Psychology, organisation, rules and start to do okay...
Then you'll either pwn or realise that your just not that into trading afterall or not good enough

An alternative route;

Think that you can spreadbet as a hobbie, waste some time messing about with charts and losing the odd bit of money, winning a bit and feeling elated and generally get no where.

Either way; Its good fun when you finally make it but i must say, the isolation, mental energy, work, psychology was equal to the benefits of being able to trade;
In other words you work for what you get, if you want thousands per day... Its not easy money, your going to have to be worth the money in your efforts, worth the money in hard work, worth the money in your own natural skill and ability;

Its like 'You get what you paid for'; work at a supermarket and you get what you worked for... If you want much bigger wages, its extremely more difficult and most people will fail, because if no1 failed, it would be worth £4.50 per hour... Trading is extremely difficult - Take this very serious, not only do you need to work extremely hard to succeed but working extremely hard doesn't guarantee wins or money, in fact its more likely that if you work extremely hard you will still fail than win and if you don't work hard you will definately lose.

:) Yes, i've had a bad day, just lost ALOT of money on the open of the US market.
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