Historical central bank dates

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Yeah not bad, really though I'm trying to find the in depth dates like the FED has,
preferably going back 10 years at least.
Surprisingly enough, the ECB and SNB have little to no such data.

Central banks, summary of current interest rates
The rate change date is not really what I'm after, its the rate announcement date,
same as the FOMC dates.
At least that is one thing the FED got right :LOL:
Obviously if there is no rate change, that can still be of note...

As a last resort I can pull it from the FF calendar.
In fact I could have probably done half of it in the time I've spent
searching for announcement dates...

In case you are wondering what for, this is a clue:


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Not really what your after but will post up links anyhow.
Central banks, summary of current interest rates
The Death of Interest Rates

Central Bank Rates | Worldwide Interest Rates
Monetary Policy
Page Content
One of the Bank of England's two core purposes is monetary stability. Monetary stability means stable prices - low inflation - and confidence in the currency. Stable prices are defined by the Government's inflation target, which the Bank seeks to meet through the decisions taken by the Monetary Policy Committee.
A principal objective of any central bank is to safeguard the value of the currency in terms of what it will purchase. Rising prices – inflation – reduces the value of money. Monetary policy is directed to achieving this objective and providing a framework for non-inflationary economic growth. As in most other developed countries, monetary policy usually operates in the UK through influencing the price at which money is lent – the interest rate. However, in March 2009 the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee announced that in addition to setting Bank Rate, it would start to inject money directly into the economy by purchasing assets - often known as quantitative easing. This means that the instrument of monetary policy shifts towards the quantity of money provided rather than the price at which the Bank lends or borrows money.
Low inflation is not an end in itself. It is however an important factor in helping to encourage long-term stability in the economy. Price stability is a precondition for achieving a wider economic goal of sustainable growth and employment. High inflation can be damaging to the functioning of the economy. Low inflation can help to foster sustainable long-term economic growth.

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Jason Rogers

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The Fed is easy:
FRB: Meeting calendars, statements, and minutes (2008-2014)
FRB: FOMC: Transcripts and Other Historical Material, 1936
All dates back to 1936.

Currently researching it, so I'll post whatever I find, unless
someone already knows a source for:

Cheers if anyone has any info :)

Hi LV,

Trading Economics has some good info regarding rates on their site: List of Countries by Interest Rate

Just click on the country from that first table, and you can see a chart with historical interest rates.


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Hi LV,

Trading Economics has some good info regarding rates on their site: List of Countries by Interest Rate

Just click on the country from that first table, and you can see a chart with historical interest rates.

It was the announcement date rather than the rates themselves I was interested in.
I just used the FF calendar with filters in the end.
Cheers all the same for the link, interesting and useful.

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A different slant on this approach I'm looking at,
prominent historical news by date, example:
S&P downgrades nine euro zone nations | Reuters
Basically looking at dynamic high profile news events, as well as
static events (CB rate decisions).

Thus far, advanced google search is the best I can come up with for
historical news:
jan 13, 2012 site:http://uk.reuters.com/
Use date format of reuters as search term on their domain.

Anyone got any better ideas, like a calendar of prominent news releases,
not the usual economic data, but stories such as above.
Not sure whether to go with RSS feed, probably over complicating it.
Just an idea right now.
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