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Hello peeps! New to the board, and relatively new to the business. Have dipped me toes in the big Dow pond (tentatively), and am hanging onto a long (spreadbet) entry at 10,445 from the 14th……more luck than judgement!….am leaning towards swing trading the Dow (especially as I’ll be spreadbetting), + my nerves are bad enough as it is without subjecting meself to daily intakes of happy pills, riding the rollercoaster from hell (daytrading)…….and was wondering if the more experienced among you can direct me towards some advice/assistance on correct/tried & tested indicators req’d for entry/exit levels!…at the moment I’m using Stockpoint charts to identify trends (5 yr/1yr/3mth/1mth) & using obvious supp/resist levels as a guide. My T/A is very basic & I’m unsure as to what type of chart package/screen indicators to adapt to this arena??!!…..I have a basic understanding of the indicators, but don’t know which ones to use….also what time frame charts should I be looking at and which indicators should I ‘marry’ up to them??….wow!! so many q’s….sorry guy’s, but I’m thirsty for knowledge!!….my only guide so far has been the Signalwatch daily commentary (more of an observation exercise than anything)……account is open, stakes are low & stop is in place…..seriously, I know enough to be dangerous….and am being careful (money management)…but am a tad directionless at the mo…..all help most gratefully received, thank you in advance.... :eek:
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