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Has anybody tried the following it was mentioned under an article on Nigel Hawkes in the September/October Traders Magazine.
It is a plugin for tradestation and shortly e-signal at a cost of £1500 is it worth it ??



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Unfortunately the text includes the word "Secrets" and based on that alone I wouldnt even consider it.

I have known many plugins for Tradestation and none have been so good that everyone is raving about them. If they were that good then everyone would be wouldnt they.



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Just had a second look at the site Paul were does it mention secret method, I can only see a warning about there being no holy grail it doesn't seem to make too many promises. The method is based on the Wykoff volume system


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It does mention secrets but I misread it thinking they were offering rather than having been looking for secrets.

I still doubt that anything can be plugged into TS and make you consistent profits. Ask Grey1 who I remember saying he has had a lot of very expensive plugins to TS none of which made money consistently.

I may be wrong but if so it will be a first for this type of product.



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I know this is a recurring theme, but what could possibly be the basis for anyone considering that ANY commercially marketed trading system is worthwhile?

If YOU (any trader) did find the Holy Grail, would you codify it, develop it, find marketing outlets, market it and print brochures, flyers and run seminars involving travel and time and all the boring non-trading effort that entails...


...would you simply trade it?

I'm not saying that most commercial trading systems are a waste of time.

I'm saying the good things you get from them (the gems) are probably accidental and may even in the long run be worth the cost of the system/seminar etc.

But really, who would rather market their system rather than trade it - themselves - alone.


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I totally agree with Bramble.
There is no easy way to consistently make money in the market and it is up to each individual to find their own method and do their own analysis. All these commercial systems are a WASTE OF MONEY.
Well, apart from mine..Please send GBP1000 Cash to P.O. Box 300, London, W1.
There was a guy a few years ago selling a no brain Pork Belly trading system on Usenet. He was giving it away for "Free" but asked US10 to cover postage. It turned out he lived in a caravan park and indeed he did send out his system to people that applied. It was a sheet of paper explaining that you buy when the 21day croses over the 50 day MA and vica verse.
He managed to buy a house after that but nobody else made any money.

Good Trading and please don't waste your margin


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Schoe- never heard of this guy- but when he talks about volume, i suppose he has been a student of VSA- se tradetowin.com

VSA had a trend following system as well- the problem is that once the mkt goes into sideways mode, u will get chopped around !! ( these charts will never been shown !)_

Bramble, i see what u are saying- I guess there are 2 reasons for selling a system- if u are day trading, u have to be in front of the pc to take that trade and also, by selling the system/ seminar, the guy is getting GUARANTEED income, instead of getting a probable income from trading................



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hey all

I met up with Anna and David Coulling at the TradersExpo over the weekend and they are affiliates for the Hawkeye trading systems

it caught my eye as it incorporates Forex strengthmeters as part of the system..an area I like to dabble in.......so I want to look further into this interesting approach

but there is no holy grail...just the endless pursuit of Knowledge in this fascinating business we all love

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