Gold calls.Long term -medium term and intraday calls in gold is here !.

Calls/Signals provided by "sujithsstorock" have earned me profit ?

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I generally put in a breaking point of 200 ticks for gold (and a stop of 80) - it moves that much a few times each month. I attempt and catch them everything except clearly I don't generally succeed! I get a great deal of 30 - 50 pip misfortunes yet generally make a benefit.

I exchange the cross on the 10 and 18 MA on the 30 minute diagram - it crossed more than two hours before the enormous fall. Obviously, it was to some degree fortunate that it crumbled 270 pips in a single hour...


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Brother I know. All exchanges are hazardous. However, that is the reason ' stoploss ' is there for. What's more, hazard to compensate proportion is favourable.Personally until 890 $ not broken . . . No bears.Summer season is nearing and gold should make an OK top over 910 $ before beginning its standard summer decrease till september.This ought to be the remainder of bulls for next two months. My own view :).
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