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The best way I can put it is that from a beginner perspective, this $20 eBook is trash. They talk about metrics, such as ROR (Risk of Ruin), but there is no explanation of any of these things:

-What is the risk of ruin used for?

-How do you calculate your risk of ruin?

A decent technical writer would know that throwing terms and metrics around without explaining them just wastes the reader's time.

I feel like the term "Bankroll", from standard professional gambling, should actually be used in stock trading as well. Your bank roll is money you have set aside for gambling, it would be interesting to come up with a general number for someone who's completely inexperienced, this would keep people from stupidly borrowing money. In Texas hold em', they say your bankroll should be 20x your stack size (which in professional poker lingo, is based on the BB) in whatever game you playing, with more flexibility afforded to those who are more skilled in the game.
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