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In 2006 I had a very interesting meeting with a Professor of Finance at a university in London where they were launching a Masters Degree in Financial Trading. We had a good discussion about the world of trading and he was very much a believer that the future of trading was automation and saw a terminator style rise of the machines occurring over the next few years. He told me that their masters program was all based around automated trading and also suggested that I might like to possibly consider a new career as, within the next few years, there would be very few human traders left for me to work with.
During the course of 2006 I worked with a lot of traders in 1-to-1 coaching and workshops, and one repeating request that I encountered was ‘can you help me to trade without emotion – I have a great trading strategy and I know that without emotions getting in my way I could double, triple or even quadruple or more my returns.’
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I should just not say anything and walk away, but what irritates me is that many will waste time with this. If you’re into cognitive psychology and even behavioural finance, sure, it’s great to play around with coining new terms for old patterns and inventing new introspective techniques and processes for achieving desired outcomes. In that respect, this article is a tasty little intro to the opportunities for those wishing to develop a career in writing & training in pseudo-science related to X. Where obviously, X can be anything.

Where X is trading it rankles as the time would be better spent learning everything you can about trading. If you want to learn everything about yourself; go to an Ashram.

When you’re trading well, your psychology is just fine and dandy. Getting the latter ‘right’ first won’t cause the former.

I’m not knocking (or rating) the article content or structure. It’s well written.


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I've met Steve and spent time on his course...he works with the best of them and his insights were very very interesting

If you are already trading well and want to explore this area to seek more improvement (as many professionals do) then he is the best man in this field (y)

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