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Jack Maverick explains differing versions of the "Efficient Market Hypothesis" theory and whether this means it is not possible for traders to outperform the market.

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The market is always right .........if the price goes up next ...thats right ...if the price goes down next .....thats right

my challenge on all this is that of academia and its total irrelevance and impotence in real world challenges......sure lets have a few papers that earn the writer a phd (awarded by the other people who have Phds) ........but for gods sake dont try to apply the theories in real life or you will lose your shirt

and they will always give you a reason or excuse why their hypothesesis failed ..."in that situation"

ive worked with a lot of acabemics in many industries and (sadly) their input is generally about as much use as a fart in a spacesuit..........

sorry guys ......this stuff is not my bag



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.........sorry guys ......this stuff is not my bag
It's not meant to be and more to do with what may useful to know as a trader that is currently accepted by many as to why things are as they are in any given market.
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