Do you enjoy the very process of trading?

Do you enjoy the very process of trading?

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For one, I hate it. Placing trades, following them real-time, and closing them out really displeases me for some reason, evokes all sorts of undesired emotions, and creates a strong sense of improper time spending. If I had to choose between trading manually or quit trading for good, I would surely quit.

I do enjoy scrutinizing markets for their regularities but once I spot those, I refer to a coder's help for a fully automated EA which I could later run off my VPS as opposed to manual trading (with the historical data tests as a pleasant and useful bonus).

I truly believe more than half of all trading losses are not as much due to flawed trading strategies (or a lack thereof) as due to the emotional human responses, greed and fear being the main ones. Another one is impatience wherby traders withdraw or double down after a losing streak. The reasons for impatience are mostly desperation and/or a desire to get rich quick and somehow seeing trading as one real way to do it. Had they researched, they would know the trading super-profits are delivered by the exact opposite - the compounding effect over many months of small profits.

I've known some people who were desperate to the point they couldn't wait a month. One asked me for a showcase run of one of my bots, I agreed, then he told me it would be a no-go if the bot does not deliver super-profits in as soon as a month. He said he couldn't sustain himself financially if he doesn't have his high trading profits every single month (like if we had an identical market every month). The man later fell victim to some online con in his desperate quest for a holy grail and lost even that little he still had.

I am not advocating EAs here, a lot in trading is discretion-based and one often can't squeeze that into a code. Trading is just a lot more like science and research to me than a source of income or gambling.


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Frankly speaking - it happens differently of course, because every day in the market is an endless stream of surprises, pleasant and not very pleasant, and it is as if you are constantly under a certain stress. And at first I didn't like it very much, it seemed to me that everything is moving too slowly, that every step is given to me too difficult.
But then you get used to it, you adapt, and it doesn't seem so bright anymore, and everything is less emotional. And that's okay, otherwise you just lose all your supplies and your strength, and your achievements will seem less deserved. I think that everything is good, you should work hard and rest properly, then everything will be good and you will have enough strength for many victories.
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It seems to me that it is very important to do the business that brings you not only money, but also pleasure, although sometimes there are difficulties that cost you time and even money, but on the other hand - it's ok only for those who do nothing, and then only at the beginning, otherwise, some moments and inconvenient details happen all the time, it is very important to treat it correctly. Do not dwell on the very fact of the error, namely, to work through it, learn to analyze what is happening and the consequences, in this case over time such inaccuracies will occur less and less often, and your trading will become more competent and systematic, anyway, you should always be calm to the maximum, because the fuss has not helped anyone yet.


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I don't hate trading, but I enjoy studying the market and learning about it. Trading makes me uncomfortable, but I try to stay disciplined and take my signals


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I know right. Love it when I keep winning and then the complete mood change when I make a loss
That is life. Ups and downs are a part of it. Same is with forex.


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Been addicted since the early 1980s the the challenge


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I always enjoy my trading when i was winning but some hate develop in my mind when I lose but also check the process and avoid mistakes I have done in my trade and try to avoid it in my next trade.

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I love it when I win and hate it when I lose, although the more I lose the less losing bothers me. I don't think it's healthy to get too excited about trading, a healthy attitude to trading of one of detachment.
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Often people enjoy trade when they are earning profit and hate when they incur a loss. believe trader who is passionate enough to trade will not stop if he occurs loss instead he will find out a way to earn profit by indulging extra efforts into it.
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Often people enjoy trade when they are earning profit and hate when they incur a loss. believe trader who is passionate enough to trade will not stop if he occurs loss instead he will find out a way to earn profit by indulging extra efforts into it.
You said it right. And that's how a trader should think.
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