Cure for Morning Sickness


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I thought I would bring this valuable information to the board as we all know how hard it is to trade when your pregnant wife is suffering from morning sickness...

Correlation between oral sex and a low inci... [J Reprod Immunol. 2000] - PubMed - NCBI

J Reprod Immunol. 2000 Mar;46(2):155-66.
Correlation between oral sex and a low incidence of preeclampsia: a role for soluble HLA in seminal fluid?
Koelman CA, Coumans AB, Nijman HW, Doxiadis II, Dekker GA, Claas FH.
Department of Immunohematology and Blood Bank, Leiden University Medical Centre, PO Box 9600, 2300 RC, Leiden, The Netherlands.

The involvement of immune mechanisms in the aetiology of preeclampsia is often suggested. Normal pregnancy is thought to be associated with a state of tolerance to the foreign antigens of the fetus, whereas in preeclamptic women this immunological tolerance might be hampered. The present study shows that oral sex and swallowing sperm is correlated with a diminished occurrence of preeclampsia which fits in the existing idea that a paternal factor is involved in the occurrence of preeclampsia. Because pregnancy has many similarities with transplantation, we hypothesize that induction of allogeneic tolerance to the paternal HLA molecules of the fetus may be crucial. Recent data suggest that exposure, and especially oral exposure to soluble HLA (sHLA) or HLA derived peptides can lead to transplantation tolerance. Similarly, sHLA antigens, that are present in the seminal plasma, might cause tolerance in the mother to paternal antigens. In order to test whether this indeed may be the case, we investigated whether sHLA antigens are present in seminal plasma. Using a specific ELISA we detected sHLA class I molecules in seminal plasma. The level varied between individuals and was related to the level in plasma. Further studies showed that these sHLA class I molecules included classical HLA class I alleles, such as sHLA-A2, -B7, -B51, -B35 and sHLA-A9. Preliminary data show lower levels of sHLA in seminal plasma in the preeclampsia group, although not significantly different from the control group. An extension of the present study is necessary to verify this hypothesis.
PMID: 10706945 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

So, there you have it.
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My wife was sick for 3 months. I would go to work where she was curled up on the sofa and come home to find her in the same position. Over 3 months we made dinner so few times you can count it on 2 hands. I feel your pain...


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This has come (no pun intended) a year too late for my brother, but I do have a friend who's other half is pregnant. It will be duely forwarded.

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Of course, it'll take another 100 years to figure out how to convince women to take the cure...

From what I hear, you usually pay them don't you? And 'women' is a funny way of describing them isn't it? Don't people normally call them ladyboys?

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