Crash course in use Tradestation and EasyLanguage?


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the other day, I came across an easy language pdf file entitled 'strategies and indicators' (i think), but cannot find it now. I think it may even have been within the web pages, but I'm not entirely sure.

Has anyone else come across this? if so, please could you provide a link?

Thanks a lot



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Hi I'm looking for a reference guide to EasyLanguage functions like PivotHighVSBar etc. I've looked at the EasyLanguage reference guide mentioned above but it is more a guide to EasyLanguage itself rather than a description of the built in functions. I have seen this before on the web but the links from Google are no longer valid.

Anyone got any ideas ? I would like to see the description of parameters to functions and returns from the functions to aid my conversion of some EasyLanguage code.




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Hi frnd..
I am looking for a help to learn trade station so can u guide me how to proceed.... Pls reply immediately becoz i need to complete the project...


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Tradestation is a wonderful program but you must have a course in programming to be succesful. There are hundreds of aftermarket software out there that are great. Their custmer service leaves a lot to be desired though. I was with them and had some problems and left. It is a good program if you deal with the tech and sales people..
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