Article Commodity Day Trading – Special Patterns in the S&P500

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Most commodity futures markets will tip their hand when it’s time to reverse direction. Knowing how to read its language is the challenge. It’s not easy. This is important information, since this is all you really need to know! Volatility is a clue as well as price synchronization. Read on about these unique observations. This information can be applied to most any freely traded market of any time frame.
Observation Trading Notes:Keep watching the five minute futures chart with the horizontal line tool to see price support and resistance. Then confirm this action on the one-minute charts.
We have all seen the stair step action of a trending commodity futures market. Sometimes you can keep buying those corrective spike dips into the previous highs. I call it resting on the ?hedge?. The futures price will often fall back and find a cushion on the previous highs just like when you rest a board on a flat shrub. The board doesn?t stop on the tallest tops, but settles into the...

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t’s normal NOT to know what's going on all the time in the futures
markets. Sometimes we think we need to understand what the market is
doing at all times. But if you can let it go when it talks in strange
tongues and patiently wait for it to talk to you again in your native
language, you will be rewarded with fewer losses
I have a rule that if I am feeling frustrated and cannot understand what
is going on, it usually means I am fighting against the trend. The
"trend" of the market can also be a chop. The frustration is a sign I am
trying to force my will on the market. There are days to just stay
away. It’s so easy to give back money quickly when doing “drunken
sailor” trades. Knowing when NOT to play the commodity futures contract
and options game is as important as knowing when.

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