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HI, About 1.5 years ago I asked, "how to back test without coding", found out that's its best to learn how to code, anyway now I'm pretty good at it, I'm decent with C++ and learning game development; I also know the basics of python,. I'm still a beginner though and want to know what should I learn to be able to do basic trading related things like, making indicators, testing strategies and analyzing and plotting data etc.. (basically trying to combine two things I like).


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Hi Attila, this all depends on the platform you're using to view your charts
learning a programming language on its own is fine, but if you are using tradingview, you need to learn the subtleties pinescript. if you use amibroker, you have to learn the subtleties of afl (amibroker formula language) etc as they vastly all have their own built in repository of functions you can use.
you will find similarities for example AFL is based on C#
so if you want to learn to now code indicators and strategies etc you will need to choose a platform whose own code structure is most like the one you feel most comfortable with. There are those above, alternatively there are open source platforms such as quantconnect that accept multiple languages, i think python included
personally, i chose a platform of my choice, and learnt that language, rather than generics of C etc which is good, if you want to learn how to write hello world, but no good for the matter at hand.
hope that makes sens


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If you are looking for a ready made option to use C # or similar in a package that already has options for backtesting then Multicharts is possible. It has two options for programming your own indicators using either C# or VB and a host of ready made ways to make use of the package. I am not in any way affiliated with them but they would be right at the top if I were looking to do what you are wanting.
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