Charting software for cross currency pairs FUTURES?


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Could anyone please recommend a charting software which provides data on cross currency pairs FUTURES such as the GBP/AUD ones by the ICE? Thanks.

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just a hunch but you're probably best off going with CQG IC... cont.

FYI, charting packages and the data they can receive are separate things. You can get TA software that is unique from a data feed (ninjatrader, IRT, Updata, Aspen et al) or TA packagaes that are married to a data provider (eSignal, Tradestation, and so on).

Be aware, though, that unless you deal with premier (professional) feeds, you aren't guraunteed to be able to access teh data you are subscribed to. For instance, I used to use an eSignal feed, but couldn't chart some of the divi futures on eurex because they didn't provide them (paid the whole exchange fee, mind).

So you can go with a premier data provider (inc. package) like CQC, and get very good data, and very good software, but arnd 4/5 years it cost £600 +vat excl. exchange fees, so expect to pay for it... of course there is reuters/bbg but my latest quote for eikon was a bag a month and it aint the prettiest of UI either.

the other option is to create a spread from the CME futures and chart that... to do it properly you still need half decent software, and of course you need a spreader to trade the f'kin thing but it opens a few more doors (IRT do spreads properly, for example).

Assuming it's specifically the ICE contract you want data foe (for instance to spread against another CME spread), then QG would be my rec. If you just want futures data for crosses, I'd build spreads with the CME data.

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