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Just wanted to bring this to the attention of traders.

Bryce Gilmore "Trading to Win" course is now available as an e book.

The original hard copy was Aus $895 ( I think ) since it has been released as an e book it is available at Aus$115 which I think relates to around US$95.

Anyone who is looking to trade off price there is so much info in the manual that is going to be relevant to your trading and compared to other material that is available in the maketplace this is for nothing.

The link to the website is

As with all things do your own research.

I have purchased "Trading to Win " and "Price Action " and would say this is easily the best and most relevant trading info I have bought, if anyone wants more info feel free to pm me.

I am in know way connected to Mr. Gilmore, just thought this was worth a mention
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Interesting that Gilmore's course is now less than ten bucks. And the original hardcover was AUS$895? Wow.

FWIW, Gilmore doesn't trade price; he trades candles and geometry. Trading price doesn't require candles or colors or even bars. It's up to the individual to decide which way he wants to go, but he should be honest with himself regarding how he is or isn't trading.

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