BRYCE GILMORE Trading To Win Course


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Dear traders,

I would like to sell my TTW course...

If you need more information, please send me a private message.

Thank you,



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Thirteen, no I am not the Bryce you are referring to :))

Din, it is a course, a book, not a "system". Do you never sell your books after reading? However, I understand what you mean...

Thank you,



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I never sell books, period. knowledge is power.

In terms of selling a system, I can't get my head round the logic of why someone would want to sell a system that works. Be it property, 2nd hand cars - anything! why would you want to share it? it must be becuase:

1) It wasn't any good in the 1st place.

2) someone just want to be really generous

and I don't belive the latter is true!


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Has anyone else any feed back on BGs Trading to win course / book... Or is there another thread referring to it ?

Is it worth the $600 that he asks for.?

Have you still got the course for sale bart ?

IF not

Is there anyone else selling this book
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