Avoid order cancellation and modification fees


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Just use this for stop orders instead of resting the stop with the broker or exchange.

You can also bracket around the current price to catch breakouts.

Mental Stop



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That's very neat. Presumably you expand this to include any other type of order and conditions? What limitations restrict you from applying this programme to other data feeds, eg CQG?



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Without in any way questioning the intgegrity of the OP. IMHO it is unwise to install software of unknown origin and quality that performs trade executions, or for that matter has any connection to something like TWS.

There is scope for fraud and if the only point of contact is a gmail address then I must say you are asking for trouble by using it.

Open source software is a different matter as the source can be audited by anybody with the skills to do so.

Apologies to the OP who in all likelyhood is quite honest, but the internet is a dangerous place and caution is essential.


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The software is 100% safe. Any software that you buy need to be installed. Mental Stop only connects with IB TWS. It does not connect to the internet by itself. Here's a YouTube video demo of it.


grantx, to answer your question, it is possible via custom programming to connect the software to CQG. however, IB's quotes will generally be better for this purpose because they use a polling method to update prices. IB takes a snapshot of current market prices every few milliseconds. most other datafeeds update every tick. if there is extremely hight volume and the market is moving fast, IB's quotes is more accurate and will update faster. Data feeds that update every tick will experience bottlenecks during this period.
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