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New Version EA 1.3.2 include:
1) Working multipair from 1 chart (ea calculate all pairs enters from only 1 chart window, do not need load EA at every pair chart that you like to Work. Just need in Parameters Enter CurrencyTrade = "USDCAD;GBPUSD;USDJPY" or just 1 pair

EA Can trade a) Total Automated; b) support Manual Enters; c) Both
Last EA version include single pair and Multipair Indicator Enters from:
- Different TYPES of ORDERs: usual market and pending orders filter with lift for prices (pending odrers placing automaticly from current price at 5-15 pips (or any you whish distance) and do enters only if price make fast movement in pending orders way and touch it. If price go away from orders way - this pending order make another step to following the price). It will halp EA do not enter a lot of wrong enters in Trend. If price will go fast UP SELL STOP Pending orders will FOLLOW your price if there will be sygnal. If there will be no sygnals EA will delete current pending order and wait for new sygnal.
- List of Indicators that EA include: 1) DOUBLE TF PSAR; 2) DOUBLE TF MA; 3) DeMarker; 4) CCI; 5) 3 Types of BANDS (inside-, outside-, breakdown-channels ); 6) WATR (trinagle Multipair Hedge Enters !!! based at Formula XXX/YYY = XXX/AAA : YYY/AAA . Like EURGBP = EUR/JPY : GBP/JPY) ; 7) LRMA JUMP EA watch hystory and remember maximal Jump in pips from its own LRMA per some bars (50-5000 bars) at LRMA TF and remember its like 100%. After that EA compare current %% moment of LRMA Jump with 100% maximal from analysed Hystory per calculated period. For example EA loaded at m15 but parameters of LRMA can be setup separately at other TF like D1 or H4 no mether where EA loaded. Loaded TF EA will use for USE NEW BAR filter (only 1 order per 1 candle) and Pending Order Filter.
- Block of OverLap: EA remember Start Balance and + some %% to close ALL if there will be profit (Target Equity). If Current Balance > Start Balance and Current Equity < Target Equity EA will use that Additional Balance = Current Balance - Start Balance to Reduce Drawdawn and will kill some part of Opened Orders. It is call OverLap function

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Good Afternoon Advisor,
have been using the TMA indicator for a while now, looking for a suitable EA based on the TMA.
Any chance to have a closer look at your EA please ?
Thanks and Best Regards


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Good Afternoon Advisor,
Would you have the TMA system for sale at all - if yes what price please ?
Is there a trial version available ?
Best Regards
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