Any TSX Day Traders?


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Hello all. I first landed in this forum because of Mr. Charts' epic thread about making money day trading. Very informative. I've been soaking up every bit of knowledge and preparing to try it out.

Being Canadian though, I'm naturally more inclined to trade on my home stock exchange, the TSX. And I'm having trouble searching the market for opportunities because a lot of the data appears to be 15 minutes old, if not more.

I have a high-end account on Questrade, but I'm finding their "Intraday Trader" screener kinda useless in that regard. Google finance seems averse to screening Canadian stocks. Tried several other "Canadian" screeners but it seems akin to stargazing with a telescope made of toilet paper rolls :rolleyes:

Can anyone make a recommendation? Is there a decent stock screener for Canada or should I just give up and look at NYSE? Thanks.


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Hello Classic,

I've been trading on the TSXV since 2004 and it's evolved so much over the last 13 years, quite amazing. Before 2008 you could make money just about anywhere, now things have changed I had to change my strategy 4 times. I wish the strategy I follow now I knew about a decade ago as I would of made more money and played it safer. Small cap companies can be just about as safe as large caps, but you have to put quite a bit of work into them. Large caps have so many analysts and brokers watching them that they have taken pretty much all the high percentage earning potential. So all your left with is scraps and tiny dividends that pay 5-6% if your luck which is a joke. Have a look at TTZ, IBT, CTZ, IRO, FBF, VGL, PHO, CZO, as these are venture stocks that have taken off 3-20 fold in the last 12-36 months. Not because of pumping or hype, but real and actual earnings that make them grow and allow share buybacks, dividends, asset acquisitions, etc. Your friend on the venture is SEDAR and if your looking for a good stock filter, I suggest Stockwatch.

Right now I have a few stocks im in, but TNA.V is the best by far in terms of value. Below is a DD on it taken from SEDAR. Have a look at let me know what you think.

Evergreen Gaming Corporation Q2 Results(Ending June 30th 2017)
All Information Can Be Found On SEDAR –

Price: $0.13
Common Shares: 124,716,865
Insider/Institutional Holdings: 95,967,855 or 77.51%
Retail Shares Available: 28,749,010 or 22.49%

Financials + MD&A – All in US Dollars


Cash: $4,499,410
Restricted Cash: $2,283,216
Other Assets: $176,317
Accounts Receivable: $116,259
Inventory: $176,643
Deposits: $10,551
Game License: $63,267
Trademarks: $1,185,000
Goodwill: $6,435,481
Property & Equipment: $10,549,240
TOTAL ASSETS: $25,495,384

Notes Payable(Mortgages): $6,673,081
Trade Payables: $4,616,249
Notes Payable: $389,357
Deferred Tax: $348,000

Asset/Debt Ratio: 2.12:1

Note: Pending Sale of Tukwila Casino For $2 million USD - http://www.sterlingrealestate.idxbr...83212/14027-Interurban-Ave-S-Tukwila-WA-98168

Quarterly Sales Results

Year - Sales - Net Income – EPS (Earnings Per Share)
2014 - $30,555,757 - $2,720,669 - $0.02c EPS - Not converted into CAD yet
2015 - $33,338,543 - $3,933,883 - $0.03c EPS - Not converted into CAD yet
2016 - $33,326,624 - $1,909,408 - $0.015c EPS - Not converted into CAD yet
2017(Q1) - $8,229,974 - $337,347 - $0.003c EPS – Not converted into CAD yet
2017(Q2) - $8,513,288 - $1,047,878 - $0.008c EPS – Not converted into CAD yet

MD&A Highlights

Evergreen is in the business of overseeing the gaming operations of its principal U.S. subsidiary, Washington Gaming, Inc. (“WGI”).
Net revenue for the quarter ended June 30, 2017 was $9,411,453, an increase of $1,025,705 compared to the same period in the prior year. Gaming dollars dropped were 5% higher than the prior year quarter and the hold percentage increased .7%. The income from operations was $1,654,640 compared to $1,134,414 in the prior year quarter. This increase was due to the increase in net revenues offset by an increase in operating expenses of $505,479. The labor and benefit expenses increased due to an increase in the minimum wage and marketing expenses increased to generate more revenue.

Net income before taxes was $1,564,515 compared to $1,003,841 in the same quarter of 2016, a $560,674 increase. The increase was due to the higher income from operations and lower finance costs due to paying off outstanding indebtedness.

Working capital at June 30, 2017 was $2,246,239 compared to working capital of $1,744,546 at December 31, 2016. With sustained healthy revenues and ongoing game protection and expense controls, management expects continued profitable operations sufficient to exceed the cash demands necessary for the company to meet its future obligations.

The Company’s assets at June 30, 2017 totaled $25,495,384 compared to total liabilities of $12,026,687. At December 31, 2016, total assets were $23,922,129 compared to total liabilities of $11,838,378.

The Company’s cash at June 30, 2017 was $6,782,626, compared to $4,563,587 at December 31, 2016. These amounts include “Restricted Cash” balances of $2,283,216 and $914,071 respectively. “Restricted Cash” balances are jackpot funds held for prizes being offered at the casinos. Cash provided by operating activities for the quarter ended June 30, 2017 was $2,212,808 compared to $892,469 for the quarter ended June 30, 2016.

The operating results for the quarter ending June 30, 2017 showed a substantial improvement from the quarter ending March 31, 2017. Net revenues increased to $9,411,453 compared to $8,229,974 in the prior quarter. This increase was attributable to an 11% increase in gaming dollars dropped and a .6% increase in the hold percentage. Income from operations increased to $1,654,640 in the second quarter compared to $609,385 in the prior quarter. This was due to the increase in net revenues offset by a $136,224 increase in operating expenses. This was primarily due to an increase in gaming taxes as a result of additional gaming revenue.

Historically, the Company’s sources of funding have been debt and equity financing and cash flow from operations. As of June 30, 2017, the Company had arm’s length debt of $7,062,438, all related to mortgages, including the acquisition of the Lakewood property. Related party debt totalling $832,553 which was owed to Michels Development for the note from Goldies in Shoreline was paid in full in the second quarter.

At June 30, 2017, the Company had cash of $6,782,626 and net working capital of $2,246,239. Total debt payments of $926,451 were made during the second quarter. The monthly debt service cash requirement is just under $58,000.
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