Any long-term gold or currency traders out there?


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This thread is directed at any long-term gold or currency traders out there.

I would like to hear from you, if you have been trading with FXPro or similar leveraged trading website.

I want to know what kind of swaps you have had throughout the duration of your trading.

If you log into your MT4 account, and go to history, you can access your history of swap charges, or payments you received. I would like to see your data, if you have this over a long period of time.

I am looking for as much back data on this as possible.

I talked to FXPro support and they couldn't give me any historical data on this.

Obviously I could log into the website and take a snapshot every day for the next year or more, but this would take a year or more of my time.

I am just looking for historical swap data.

I know the swap is tied into interest rates, and the Tom Next rate in the US, if it's gold priced in USD, or a currency pair with USD.

But I just can't find this data anywhere

There seems to not be a single website anywhere on the Internet with historical swap or Tom Next data. It's just bizarre to not even have this data available anywhere.


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Download historical rates and just apply the calculation for all the days you want to work with.

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Hi kingneil, i'm using free swap account and i trade on XAU/USD with 4h chart.
How could you get access to swap free account if you are not Muslim (I assume that). Can you recommend any brokers apart Нotforex which can offer swap-free accounts. Want to try some strategy of trading with several brokers, this is my point of interest.
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