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this topic was previosuly mentioned, but somewhat faded away...

So anybody know any good anti-decompile protection solutions?

So far i looked into the main google "Decompiler Protection Solution", however they seemed not interested once it was established that they might have to analyse the the source code vs their encryption translation and are not even answering my mails anymore! They have a 'lazy' disclaimer on their website shirking them from any hard work if the translation does not work properly.

I also explored some other options, but no success.

I would be grateful for some recommendations or offers.

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I will do you an anti-decompile protection for free with life time support and updates if you demonstrate to me a profitable EA with real money and real account.


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You have to use dll files. No way around that. I mentioned it on the other thread too, but I can't find it now. Bit old I think.



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Generally, if you're compile source code into some binary format, search for "code obfuscator". It works by making a copy of your source into something cryptic, usually involving random function names, some decoding tables and then compiles that.


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I have been hunting this for many a moon........given up now in Metatrader can always be cracked .....

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