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What do we do now?  The ?Bubble? burst, Single Stock Futures, Pairs Trading, Automation, New Platforms and Access.  Professional traders are adapting to the new climate.
I?m often asked what traits are common in a successful stock trader, and although there are many, the single thing that I find binds us all together is ?adaptability??plain and simple.  We all thrived through the euphoria of the DOTCOM phase, and the NASDAQ meteoric rise through common sense into obscenity.  Many a genius was behind a computer when the ?buy and hold? mentality permeated the shell of proprietary trading.  Swing trading was born from the attitude that ?it?s gonna go back up, wait and see!?  TV and Online Brokers found gigantic audiences in the new ?stock market aficionado".  It seems that everyone has an interest in the market these days. It was only a few short years ago when we who made our living trading were thought of as blurry eyed speculators and freakish market technicians.  Who were...
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Adaptation to the changing market environment is a requirement for long-term trading success, as discussed in this article.


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Basic strategies were never learned by these new “electronic daytraders” since who needed solid trading fundamentals when you could use a cool looking execution platform to trade with.

This can't be repeated enough.



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A relatively short article that tells it as it is. Sadly, the masses will miss the simple message it contains.

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Excellent piece.
The markets change and evolve constantly so there is no Holy Grail, no magic bullet.
There are ways to trade profitably and consistently and understanding market sentiment and how to read it is the key to success.
Understanding, method, adaptability, self control and method again are what distinguish winners from the mass of losers.
Learn what works, why it works,(if it can't be explained in terms of what actually goes on in the market, it's useless gibberish), practice, experience
= success.
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A decent article written by the old Don.
Hope to see more here of the Brights: always good insights.


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Would you not say the market has levelled out. Surely this 'tame' moment is not hard to understand?
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