a set of intraday tick-level code AI


Summary of "Business Plan"

We are preparing to establish a financial strategy studio in New York,

I am a financial programmer who develops financial quantitative strategies. I have developed a set of intraday tick-level code AI, which is written based on handicap logic and can withstand destructive testing or double-blind testing, winning rate, drawdown, annualized rate of return... Key financial indicators are excellent,

There are 20 years of Dow Jones big data backtesting, and various financial indicators on the third-party platform are available (industry professionals are welcome to evaluate)

Looking for another partner:

1. Understand the trading rules of the US stock/futures market. It would be better if you know data slicing ticks.

2. Good English, willing to socialize with white people and do daily chores.

3. Be honest and kind,

4. No capital investment required,

It requires the conditions of a start-up company, a garage office, and my own food and accommodation are used for research and development and adjusting parameters to suit the American market.

5. Interview on the number of shares to be transferred

6. Find entrepreneurial partners with complementary strengths.

Goal achieved: reach the top 10 in simulated and real competitions within half a year.

(Purpose: to be discovered by Wall Street)

David:. (973) 879 5868

[email protected]