1013.67% return in 25 days using W.D. Gann Trading Method


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I had a great streak of making 50% in two weeks once. I don't doubt that 4xpipcounter is truthful in his claim. Sometimes with the right system, the stars align. Or maybe, he is a way better trader than me. Either way, it's possible to do it and still incorporate solid MM of 2-5% per trade.

I'm currently at 1% for the week with only a few hours to go. I like to leave room for improvement :smart:

How to trade with GAAN method ?
Please guide me.
Thanks in advance.


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W.D. Gann Trading Method

hxxp gann.su/book/eng/Bryce%20Gilmore%20-%20An%20Introduction%20To%20The%20Methods%20Of%20Wd%20Gann.pdf
An Introduction To The Methods Of Wd Gann.pdf

A market can square price to time in several different ways.
1. Price units in a trend equal time units in a trend.
2. Base price equals time units to a new change in trend.
3. Prior price range equals times units to a new change in trend.
4. Prior time units equals next price range to a new change in trend.
5. Current price equals time units from a prior change in trend. (zero angle).
To keep a track of the position of his price to time he would draw GANN ANGLES up from
lows and down from highs. He also used 4 to 1, 2 to 1, 1 to 2 and 1 to 4 angles. 1-4 means
1 unit of time to 1/4 unit of price.
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