Total trading beginner

I started trading with Trendsignal about 6 months ago trading end of day and had mixed luck in the the first few months. It is an expensive initial outlay, this is not a get rich quick scheme! The first few months I was trading daily and not having much luck. However there is lots of support from the office and an initial training session and webinars which are available on the website. The 1-2-1 sessions are a really good way of talking your strategies through with a sucessful trader and looking at where you are going right or wrong. The coaches are hard to get hold of as they have lots of people demanding their attention, but once settled with a coach they are usually on hand by email or skype to give support. In the last couple of months I am up 2000 points and starting to trade regularly. Trendsignal have been excellent supporting a beginner trader and I would recommend them if you are starting to trade. I am hopeful that I can eventually recoup the costs of the software and learn to trade sucessfully.

.I joined these guys few years back this is what i thought... Please READ
GOOD POINTS: Good and polite client/technical support when you first join/after.
Slick looking Ensign software that has to be installed on your personal computer/device.
Trades of the day that are published on their website are very good and clear.
BAD points: NO training not to place trades before/after the release of economic events or announcement for e.g. if you are trading Cable (gbp/usb) and there was Manufacturing PMI being released around 9:30 am the Ensign software will not tell you this and you can easily get stopped out depending on the win risk ratioThis is normally around 20 pips therefore this would be 20 * 20 = 400 loss due to bad teaching and economic Announcements based on Cable (gbp/usb). Remember that is 400 loss!!
Also, the trainers (at the time) did not tell me about economic events being released (this was at the time few year back)
UGLY points: Software is quite expensive for what it does approx.. 2700-3000
Ensign subscription is prices around $30 which again is quite expensive
Upgrade costs are very expensive even for existing clients for example to join them was around 2700 and to upgrade for one of their other courses its around 2700 - again, quite expensive. Personally it should be half price or less. Ensign software installed on my windows 10 kept on crashing which resulted in being reinstalled 5 times! I am waiting for them to launch the software web based as its almost impossible for me to check my laptop every min while I am at work!!

Overall, think this company is quite good but there is room for improvement. Courses are very expensive.
Decent start

So I joined right at the start of September. As other have said it costs 4K then you have ongoing subscription costs of $50 / month for Ensign and 20 / month for Trend-Signal support (free for first 6 months), this will give you access to webinars, notifications, software and strategy updates

My background - I have traded casually for 10 years slowly getting better but still somewhat erratic. I work full time and have a young family so am time poor

My aim like many my costs are rising faster than my income so looking for an additonal income stream

Why did I choose Trend-Signal? I just got a good feeling from speaking to them

Why I am reviewing? I greatly appreciated the reviews I read whilst assessing Trend-Signal but found there were not that many

My experience, getting up to speed - for the first 2 weeks I just joined the Friday beginners webinars and let it sink in. All workshop are recorded so you can view at your leisure but it is good to do in real time so you can ask questions. For the third week I joined the beginners webinar, had one of my 3x 1 hours mentor sessions (over Skype) and joined the Mon + Thu trade review workshops. The following week I had my on site training day at HQ near Milton Keynes and my second mentor session. The next week I had my final mentor session. I started trading three weeks after purchasing (the evening after I attended the on site training). I would say I spent around 30 hours studying and getting setup ready to trade. I found all the training without exception to be high quality

My experience, trading at the start I was spending around an hour of effort each day assessing and placing trades + two hours each week on webinars. Trading is now down to around 45 minutes a day (quick checks at 6, 10, 14 & 18 for S4 then D1 work from around 21:30-22:05 and the final S4 check too. I seem to have my head around the strategies fully now and am not making mistakes. Im still joining the twice weekly trade review webinars for now largely as I enjoy them rather than because I need to
As I have trading experience Im fighting my old opinions and habits that are not in line with the strategies. On the plus side I am used to coping with winning and losing, occassional market gapping and navigating broker platforms

Results (21/09 to 20/10) the all important part. After exactly four weeks of trading D1 is positive just over 1000 pips and S4 is negative nearly 100 pips. S4 trade size is nearly x4 higher than D1 trade size (as recommended). So taking off all expenses and the net result is my account is up 4%. It has fluctuated between 8% down (I started with a poor run) to 9% up (followed by a fantastic run) then largely sideways with some small drops

Summary so far so good especially as I endured a poor initial week but really really early days. This appears to be slow but steady, not a get rich quick scheme but hopefully not a get poor scheme either. Whilst you can trade with a small pot I think that given the once off cost and fixed monthly costs I suspect you need at least 5K of trading funds to make this worthwhile. With the power of compounding profits I am optimistic. I will look to update my results here each month

Update 01/11
My total account is down 2% overall (net). Since 21/09 (was up 4%) I have had a small S4 profit but taken a hit on D1
I have seen that the monthly performance stats fluctuate and it is very early days but I have to give a rating so will reduce from 9 to 8

Update 20/12
I stopped trading S4 towards the end of Nov as I was struggling to fit this in with my other work commitments, in 2 months I lost 3.5% of my pot. 2 months is a very small timeframe so not too many conclusions can be drawn
I have just stopped trading D1 for the year and my pot has increased by 13% over the 3 months I have done this. Very reasonable considering that I took a big hit right at the start. I have put on some of my own trades (a mixture of markets I used to trade with erratic results) and my pot is up around 25% point over the last two months from these alone

Overall summary
Pot is up just over 30% in 3 months. Be prepared for runs of success and runs of failure (maybe I felt that spending 4K would mean a smoother income than the reality) - it is very hard to start with a bad run when you have invested a considerable sum of money in the strategy but it can happen. I do believe in the Trendsignal strategy and that you can follow the rules without using any discretion and make money, however it is absolutely no get rich scheme. There are ups and downs but the long term trajectory should be up
As a reasonably experienced trader I have noticed a real benefit in putting my experience together with the Trendsignal education and appear to have hit a sweet spot using my old chart knowledge coupled with the Trendsignal exposure to new markets and discipline. Could I have learnt some of this without spending 4K? Yes, but since taking the course I have been a far better trader and believe I have changed rather than just had a couple of lucky months. I leave my review as 8, over and out
Worth the investment!

Let me start off by saying that I was VERY skeptical of this at first. If something sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. I am not affiliated with TrendSignal in any way aside from being a customer and this will be an honest review from my perspective of the whole program so far. It is early days, I've only been using program for little over a month but I will be updating this every couple of months to keep it relevant.

A little background... I am not a beginner. I have been dabbling, unsuccessfully, for about 2 years before TrendSignal. I understand the concepts of trading and technical analysis but I have had no formal training aside from reading countless books. Don't worry if you are new to this, everything you need to know will be covered as part of your training.

To begin - I wasn't a big fan of the sales pitch. I attended the sales webinar which was heavy on potential earnings but light on anything tangible. I was definitely sitting on the fence afterwards but eventually decided to go ahead. It is an expensive system ~4k all in plus the recurring $50 (yes, dollar) cost to use the charting software going forward

I have been using the system for just over a month now and so far, everything that was talked about in the sales pitch seems to be true. I have only been using the daily strategy on the forex pairs and in the month of August '17, I am 465 pips up. That is only using the daily strategies as I don't have time at the moment to do the 4h one.

To cut a long story short, you can make a lot of money out of this but you need to take it seriously, treat it like a job and follow the rules which includes risk management, probably the most important element of this whole system - in my opinion. This is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a program that will provide you with the tools and training to make more informed trades and shift the odds in your favour. Make no mistake, you will have losing trades, to expect otherwise would be ridiculous, but with this system, you will have more winners.

As for the training and support - brilliant. I cannot fault them at all. The trip down to the head office in Luton was well worth it. Even if you think you know everything they will cover, you will still benefit from atttending. Most importantly, it will give you a better understanding of how their strategies work. That was the turning point for me, I went from still being very skeptical of their strategies because they seemed like a black box to understanding more about what drives them and understanding that they work on very sound principles. It just helps with the faith when the trades seem to be turning against you.

The one on one training sessions were just as good although it will probably be different for each person. There are obviously a set of core things that need to be achieved in each session but the trainers are patient, have a lot of experience of the system as they use it themselves and will likely tailor the lessons to the individual.

In short, I cannot recommend them enough and in my mind, it is definitely an investment worth taking but you need to be clear that is what it is. An investment... of time and money.

I look forward to finding out how the next few months go and I will keep you updated. If you have any specific quesstions, leave a comment on this review and I will do my best to respond quickly
A very disappointing way to lose money and time

In order to make use of TrendSignal you also have to pay for annual fees for Ensign software and if you want to continue to get access to thier website and updates you have to pay for that as well. I took a couple of weeks off work to try to go through all the training material, started trading it properly and fairly soon (maybe a month or two) lost 100% of my account trading the minimum stakes (though I had used some savings to try to keep my account going). After this trendsignal decided to change all the rules so I had to take another few days to learn the new systems and in fact they argued that the shorter term charts may be more profitable (when I had joined for the end of day material). So I tried again with all the new settings and again after another few months I had lost the same again and was down over 200% of my initial account despite rushing to check the markets at 6am and whenever I could to try to find the elusive trades that seemed to vanish very quickly after the trigger point or just go completely the wrong direction. I think lots of people have been having problems with trendsignal though maybe they do not want to mention it because they feel it may harm the companies prospects and they are hoping that one day they will come up with some better signals that do work.
I have also been rather disappointed by the time taken - before you sign up it suggests you can get returns in 20 minutes a day - but several months in I am still taking significantly more without counting the 2.5 hours a week of webinars which are the only way of checking the trades, or the time spent trying to keep track of all the (failing) trades. Certainly it does not catch the time to do the shorter time periods (which are losing less money than the end of day charts). I think there are some people at trendsignal who are honest about what they are offering but some of the material they send you by email or with their information is very misleading. Personally I would not use this unless you will have a good 20K trading account for this strategy after paying thier software fees and don't mind taking some serious losses for a good few months/year to see if you can get it to work (as well as a very understanding family who do not mind you spending at least one day a week on this full time for the first 6 months to a year after the initial training).
Fantastic Product from a fantastic customer focused company

I have been with Trendsignal now for just over one year. I have absolutely no complaints at all with the service or products provided by this company. They are very professional and more importantly do not over egg what you can achieve.

There will be no presentations with Bentlys or round the world holidays in the background saying you can have this. There will be no "theres only 6 spaces left on the course" You get honest chat on the products they provide with stats to back it up.

If you are considering this, ask for the stats. I can only say that the stats I was provided was accurate and now that I am trading 8 of their strategys, I can vouch that the stats we talk about in the webinars are accurate. It would be foolish to over egg as the system is very easy to back test.

like most folk I have been round the block with different systems and owners of them promising riches. Trendsignal will not promise you riches, you will get successful strategies and if followed corrctly with a sensible suitable staking plan your account will definately grow.

I cant recommend them enough and hope that more strategies are released soon
A great product meeting all my needs

After a lengthy and fruitless search for a system that worked I came across Trendsignal. I joined mid-October and after a trial period on a demo account, I began to trade with real money on 15 November 2016.
Since then, I have made 3,541 pips profit!!
Just following the rules and end of day trading as well as trading the S4, I was able to accomplish this total.
The system is easy to use, the software very reliable but most of all the continued support (via coaching, workshops and technical support if required) is priceless. The coaching ensures you know what youre doing and the twice weekly workshops reinforce what you have learned and help confirm that youre doing it right. Great stuff!
Thank you so much!
Mixed Results

I have tried Trendsignal and it is a poor trading solution in my experience. The indicators are, more often than not, simply wrong. They disappear when incorrect and repaint themselves. The money you pay is for the training, which is mediocure. You would do much better to invest in established solutions from the US, where retaill trading has taken off in a big way. There are plenty of options out there but my advice would be to save time, money and steer well clear of Trendsignal.
If you are serious about becoming a full time trader I'd recommend Trend Signal!

I purchased Trend Signal back in February and have now completed all the training sessions that they provide and have been to the offices down in Milton Keynes. Out of the 5 or 6 different strategies that they teach you Im implementing 3 of them that only takes around 15-30 mins each evening 10pm. You can trade using other strategies that has indicators at other times of the day, but to start off with I think using the Daily charts are the best to get confident and not overload yourself with information. I will work towards trading full time in the near future.
The training day was great as you can tell straight away that Trend Signal is professional run business that have real knowledge of the financial markets, the day was packed full of information and to be honest I was tired when the day finished, I was not looking forward to the drive back to Edinburgh! I had my first 1 hour training session with Mike my Trader Coach a few of days later and this has also been great, any questions Ive had have been answered fluently giving me a complete understanding in what Im doing. I have Mike on Skype so any question any time of the day I fire off a message and Mike responds promptly.
I started off using too many strategies that didnt suit my current workload so I have since stripped it back so it easily manageable in under 30 minutes each night, the set and forget approach is great if you currently have other commitments. The rules based approach also suited me because if you stick to what your taught and keep clear from being a revolutionist you will see that Trend Signal does work in real time and just as well as if you were to back test the results.
I started a brand new Demo account on mon 30th of May 2016 and have grown the demo balance from 10,000 to 13,753.00 risking 2% of my account on each trade. I reckon you can start using Trend signal with a couple of thousand pounds though. I was successful in my results before this trial but I was taking on too much and missing opportunities so I thought Id start a fresh as a review before I felt I was competent wouldnt give Trend Signal much justice.
The education behind this is much more that looking for indicators and placing trades blind. You can see from what your taught the reason you are entering the trade and the reason that it is likely to go in your favour. This is not a get rich quick scheme, you need to take time and commit to learning but I think thats better than copying some Trading Gurus trades, if he/she was to get hit by a bus tomorrow where do you go from there. Ive spent the last two years, and several thousand pounds trying to perfect trading and only now do I finally feel that Im well on the road to success. The price tag of Trend Signal makes it too expensive for most to try out but I was encouraged by the fact that it is not some 199.00 get rich quick scheme with a money back guarantee that never stands up.
I have given a lengthy review of my experience so far because when I purchased trend signal I couldnt find many reviews from people that have actually purchased and are implementing the strategies taught, Ive since come to the conclusion the people probably only shout from the roof tops when things are going wrong with a product. I am happy to answer any questions regarding my review.
James Wright,
Independent Reviewer,
Edinburgh, Scotland.
Good Product nice people.

Does the job if you have the right trader mentality.
Aussie trendsignal??

Is there anyone from Australia currently using trendsignal who would be willing to share their views on this?
Call me if you wish 0427 507429.
Thanks, Mick.
Doubtful about Trendsignal

I am new to FX trading having spent a couple of years share trading with various different spreadbetting companies and using ShareScope to program several strategies of my own.

I am looking for a system to help me make a sustainable income of circa 1000/month from trading FX. Therefore I have recently taken an interest in Trendsignal after watching one of the webinars.

So I have a few simple questions:
1) How much would I have to have in my trading account to make 1000/month (realistic average assuming Trendsignal claimed success rate?

2)Why, if Trendsignal can delivery a greater than 50:50% success rate on a consitent basis, are they trying to sell the system when instead the shareholders in Trensignal company could simply be sitting on a beach in the Bahamas making money every day by using Trendsignal. Please don't give me that old altruistic response.........

3) Has anyone, like Earnst & Young, conducted an independet third party due diligence on the claimed Trendsignal success rate.

4) On the webinar that I watched there was mention of a money back guarantee if not satisifed. How long do we get to make a claim and how much do we get back.

5) If trendsignal the company ceases trading can we still use Trendsignal the software of woudl all teh date feeds from Ensign stop event though we are paying a monthly fee?

This is a genuine unbiased enquiry from a potential Trendsignal investor who is about to start investing in FX and is therefore a newbie to FX but not spreadbetting shares!
Learn what trading is about then try this product.

Used this for about 18 months but have been watching it for several years as I was building up my trading accounts. It is a DECISION TOOL to die for but it won't teach you what trading is all about. Only the individual can learn that. If you jump into trading expecting that all you have to do is wait to see a Sniper Circle and place an order then the cash will just come flooding in to your bank account then there is every chance that you will get burned. If on the other hand you research your particular market, note the daily volatility and high volume times then combine this with some fundamental practices, Supply and Demand, Risk Management according to your written TRADING PLAN then you are ready to take advantage of the best trading DECISION TOOL that is out there. Consider learning to drive trucks in a 1950s AEC Knocker with a crash gearbox, geared steering, graunch lift trailers then suddenly get to drive a modern vehicle with extended views, standard gears , external reverse sensors and power steering. The rules of the road don't change but its easier to manoevre on them.
Trendsignal as a company give a lot of support and are one of the few pseudo trainers out there that tell the truth, not to lower expectations in my view but to make people aware of their responsibilities to themselves. Oh sure you're going to have salesmen big up the product however in light of what I have written ALL of the components are listed for trading success. The individual purchaser must assess his or her risk tolerance, assess costings according to their TRADING PLAN then look at the particular market asset classes. Unfortunatly too many people try to do this in reverse jumping into live trading first which is more reliant upon luck than good judgement.
Visit Trendsignal offices,(they were in Saville Row in London when I first visited), speak to the directors of Trendsignal. They are very willing to describe their product and the benefits of using it. Nowhere was I sold a money making machine, it was merely an in depth discussion with some professional traders, a classification of which today I am proud to consider myself a member of.
Trendsignal for sale

Hi There

New to T2W and also trading really apart from a few losses and a few wins. more losses than wins I am afraid.

I am intrested in having a go with this trendsignal product. Would I be correct in saying that as you have purchased a product it is something you can sell on if you wish. If this is the case I am intrested if anyone wants to sell.

I realise that some of the initial assistance provided by trendsignal would not be available in this arrangment but I would get the software and would have their continuing backup.

If anyone can clarify this subject I would appreciate it


Trendsignal works for me but be realistic

I have owned Trendsignal for just over 12 months and my experience has been quite positive. I would describe myself pretty much as a Newbie - Apart from using a few demo accounts here and there Id never really placed a trade before purchasing Trendsignal. Admittedly it took me a little longer to get up to speed than I envisaged. Despite my doubts at the beginning of my time with Trendsignal, the coaching sessions with Mike really helped me to fully understand the system and ensure that I was spotting trades in the right way. I mainly trade the daily charts and have posted good profits for the last 10 months, with a few bumps along the way. I dont trade the intra-day charts because I dont have the time to devote to that.
The level of support is better than I was expecting and generally the Trendsignal team have been quick to deal with my queries, usually responding within 24 48 hours although I did have to chase them regarding installation on a new computer. Trendsignal has certainly helped me so far. I am sure there is a lot more to learn about trading, but I am making good progress and happy to work hard on this to develop further.
Would I recommend them? Well I am pretty happy so far so I would say yes but be realistic and dont expect instant success as trading requires a level of commitment.

My experience is much like some of those mentioned below. I bought Trendsignal in January and really wish I hadnt of bothered. I was influenced by the positive testimonials on the Trendsignal website but I really wish I had read some of the reviews below before I made my decision. In the beginning success was iffy but nowhere near good enough for me to recover my 3,600 outlay. Out of desperation and reading the continuing positive testimonials I decided to up my stake. Needless to say all I did was throw another 2,000 into the markets following the sniper strategy. I emailed a copy of my trading log to Trendsignal to clarify that the trades where as per the rules. They agreed that all of the trades were valid and that it was just a bad run of trades I had took. They also said that the markets are difficult to trade at the moment. Especially on the timeframe I have been trading and that they had found that the results of the Sniper system where not as the used to be. No Sh1t Sherlock !!. I had 30 trades and a 2,000 hole in my bank account that could have told me that. What really annoyed me is that if Trendsignal knew that the Sniper system wasnt working, why didnt they tell me? They just let me carry on trading pouring money into their broker. Thinking about it, after my coaching session the only time Trendsignal have been in contact with me was to tell me about the new scanner they want to rent out at 400 a year. I dont think so !! To date I am over 6,000 down since buying Trendsignal. I am waiting until the end of this month to cancel my 30 a month subscription to Ensign. My Trendsignal experience has been very expensive and utterly disappointing. Do not be conned !
Time tested system or free cuppa ?

I purchased Trendsignal 2 years ago , deciding after many failed attempts at trading to try another product . It would be fair to say that I was "seduced" by the marketing message !.
I have tried many many different products and services , most of which claimed to be instant plug and play success . Trendsignal did not , after you get "in the door" of Trendsignal they quickly educate you that trading takes time , effort and a need to be disciplined.
That appeals to me , I don't want to blindly follow a signal , I wanted to be able to understand the chart and the market and then have a tool that would support my decision. Like having a trading partner , Trendsignal fulfilled that.
Trading is tough, too many people seem to want the reward without the effort . Trendsignal is not an automated system , you have to learn it and then apply that logic in a disciplined way , day in day out.
The Charts are clear and without needing to decipher what they are saying , is it perfect - certainly not but it has stood the test of time for me and now remains as the only product I use on a daily basis.
I would recommend it - feel free to contact me if you want a unbiased opinion from my personal experience.
If you want a system that has provided consistent results try Trendsignal , if however you want a free cup of coffee and a hug then this is probably not for you. Although I believe they do a nice cuppa - not sure about the hug
Trendsignal response

Before we start, since this is not a review, we have posted a 5 for neutrality.

Dear Rasputinuk,
Further to your review, we would like to respond to your comments.

Before we do, we would like to make the point that we have many extremely satisfied customers at Trendsignal, as you can see from the testimonial section of the website. We are sorry to see that we havent however managed your expectations. This is not our desire. Our reputation and quality of service is important to us, and any criticism doesnt fall on deaf ears.

The reason we have introduced one to one coaching, online workshops and the training day in recent years is to help as many of our customers to be successful as possible.

In answer to your points:

Indicators: We have 6 indicators, all proprietary. The sniper circle is an indication of a potential opportunity. It is not a buy or sell signal, nor has it ever purported to be. It is an indicator that we use to help identify turning points in the market. In conjunction with other of our indicators, it can be used to identify opportunities to trade.


If new to trading, day trading is a very challenging way to learn because of the extra emotional pressure. That is why your coach suggested to focus on the higher timeframes. It is easier to follow and allows for more margin for error, which is typically better for most trader. Also, it involves less screentime, which experience suggests helps traders to get better results, within reason obviously.We wouldnt consider a 10% loss a big loss. In fact, this is typical of any trading account, even if experienced. Certainly at the beginning, when new to it, it should be expected, as mistakes may be made. That is why we recommend starting on a demo account or risking very small amounts so that such losses are not expensive. It is also important to understand that trading results are not linear. Every trader and every strategy will have periods of loss and success and is not like being paid uniformly by the hour.As you know, Ensign does not have a back test function, but we can offer the below performance statistics.

Daily Charts
This year has seen a profit of approximately 2500 points from the Sniper strategy.
We have also been through the results of the strategy on the MT4 platform since 1stJan 2010. Having tested 36 markets, this constitutes an overall result of 20,749 pips profit, or an average of 576 pips / points per market. This is looking for a 100 pip target and allows for spread.

8 hr charts
We have collated each and every trade since the beginning of 2014 for a list of the more liquid 38 FX, Index and Commodity markets. This is a huge manual process, but clearly it is important to have this information, which is why we started the process months ago (not after this review). Up to 25thJuly, this has generated a net profit of 4907 pips. This allows for a 10 pip spread and financing costs on every trade. That equates to a 66% success rate. We would also note that if traders have limited time, one interesting observation of these results is that 55% of these pips, can be gained from just taking the 10pm (UK time) entries and thereby taking just 30% of the opportunities (111 trades). This knowledge will clearly help with drawdown periods.

4 hr charts
We have only collated data for 19 markets so far, since the start of the year. Clearly, the shorter the timeframe, the more trades there are, and it does take time. We expect to have the data for all 38 markets by the end of August.

Over the period, for just half the recommended market, results have been mixed, but still positive. Allowing generously for a 6 points spread and financing we have seen a 65.5% success rate over the period. This can be improved to 71%, by focusing our time exclusively on the 10am and 2pm trading time. We appreciate that this is based only on 373 trades this year, but it is important none the less. This filter has resulted in a NET profit, after spread and financing of 1429 pips. All other things being equal, with the full complement of markets, this may equate to 2800 pips, and an average of 400 pips per month. We will know more in several weeks.

You will notice that we are not commenting on the 15 minute performance. This is an interesting timeframe. Firstly, it is harder for people to trade and when we survey traders about how often they want to trade the markets, only about 10% have the time and inclination to look at the markets all day. That is just one of the reasons why our focus has skewed over the year towards longer timeframes which are far better suited to the time traders CAN allocate to the markets.

Secondly, you make reference to moving the goalposts for the strategies. Thats surely essential. If you dont adapt to varying market conditions then you fail. However, the entry points have remained the same, the clear differences may be recommendations over timeframes from which to trade and targets, but this is essential to an ever changing market. Market volumes are heavily down and the VIX has recently been down at its lowest level since 2007. With volatility as low as it is on the FX markets in particular, it is making it harder to justify the time against the reduced targets when trading the shorter timeframes. We share that knowledge and experience with our customers in our workshops and coaching sessions, encouraging them to focus on the timeframes where the pips are coming from.

Support: We have always made it clear that trading is a learning process. Sure, everyone would like to start at 10 per point, but the reality is that you have to get to that point gradually as confidence and your account grows. That is why we offer the support that we do.

We answer your comments below:

Community: We have never said that we run a chat room and it is not part of the Trendsignal product. Customers have the ability to chat to the staff and coaches by SKYPE if they so desire, and is mentioned in the webinars. That is no problem and encouraged. We have had a SKYPE group in the past, but it was closed because of message delays. We are however looking to launch a live trading room in the near future.

Coaching: Each customer has 4 coaching sessions with one of our coaches. It is important to go at the pace of the customer, so we go through things with you, looking at your trades and evaluating where you are going right and wrong, in order to improve your results. I am sorry that you feel these havent been of benefit to you. We would have been happy to include some more sessions, had you asked.

Training Day: Trendsignals office is within the Innovation Centre in Cranfield Technology Park and we use the larger meeting rooms to accommodate our customers at the training day. Surely you dont expect us to have our own building and catering department when we have just 2 training days a month? Again, we are sorry that you didnt enjoy the sessions. Feedback tends to be very positive for the Training day, but we are sorry it hasnt met your expectation. Yes, we used to encourage attendees to bring laptops, and we used to provide laptops for those that couldnt. However, we actually found these to be extremely counter-productive, with many burying their noses in them, checking their emails etc rather than listening and concentrating on learning. We therefore responded to feedback by removing the requirement. This decision coincided with the launch of the one to one coaching.

Regarding the content, we go through a lot of information including risk management, psychology, markets, timeframes, news, strategies etc and we try to cram as much in as possible.
Twice weekly workshops: We have recently made some amendments to the workshops, including a slight change in material, with the Monday sessions now rather more geared for beginners topics, news, upcoming events and a chart/trade review. The Thursday sessions will include more in depth chart reviews and more charty topics, such as strategies and more advanced use of the indicators.

We have a lot of content to get through and respond to as many questions as we can. You understand, it isnt always easy to deliver analysis whilst at the same time reading and responding to live questions, especially if a particularly vocal session. However, we do encourage questions and answer as many questions as we can see. If requests are made, we do follow up, or ask the customer to make an email request so that the matter can be dealt with by the support staff.
To say that there has been no contact we think is unfair. Whilst we still do not know your identity, you will have had coaching sessions, you will have had approximately 50 online workshops over 6 months and access to us on SKYPE. However, we do note your criticisms, and will attempt to improve the service we provide.

In order to better communicate, we will email our customers more regularly with important updates. One month ago, we also launched a new Message Board webpage within the customers section of the website. We will use this to inform customers of important and more general information.

In conclusion:
1) We have provided the performance data you ask for. Please contact us directly if you would like more.
2) We will better communicate with all customers.
3) Unconnected to this review, we had already made recent changes to the workshops which should improve your experience, and should deal with your concerns effectively.
4) We will review the training day material and include tea and coffee in the training room.
5) We will consider whether we should include a couple more coaching sessions as standard for new users. This will not results in an increase in the price of the service.
We thank you for your comments and we hope to continue to improve our service to all in the future.
Both Product and Company Failing To Deliver.........

Firstly, 3,600 is a lot of money for me. As it was a large part of my redundancy this had to be considered as an investment and not a chunk of cash that I could comfortably loose. Before taking the Trendsignal Plunge, I did as much research as I could. At the time (6 months ago) I found that any reviews on the net independent of the Trendsignal website where very old and of mixed opinion. I came to the conclusion that considering the 3,600 outlay, anyone having a negative experience with Trendsignal would easily make their way onto the net and leave a bad review. After all, people pour their heart and soul into a review (good and bad) about a 1,500 holiday so I felt comfortable that given that there were no, recent, negative reviews out there. Trendsignal would be a good investment.
Before purchasing, I had been looking at trading for some time. I had bounced from one system to another. Blown my trading account on more than one occasion and joined every trading forum out there that was to join. Basically, I was not new to trading. But what I did need was a system and accompanying strategies that would provide me with consistency, leading to profits. As per the testimonials and the accompanying intro of every Trendsignal video.
When assessing Trendsignal you have to clearly distinguish between Trendsignal the product, and Trendsignal Ltd, the company.

Trendsignal (Product)
The product is basically a bunch of indicators that sit on a trading platform called Ensign (Review ). There is very limited intelligence as to how these indicators work and interact with each other. What I mean by that is that you, the trader, have to align all of the indicators (4 of them) and pull the trigger. There is one indicator, the Sniper Circle, which offers some sort of intelligence but this does seem to have a mind of its own and is by no means an indication of a trade, just a potential trade.
The other part of the product assessment is the strategys. I am not going to go into detail about these but what I will say is that there are 3 of them. Swing, Continuation and Sniper (freely watchable on the TS website). The strategys are very easy to learn and just as easy to implement. One of the main reasons I bought Trendsignal was because of the Trades of the Day they feature on their website. At the time, every featured trade was on the Sniper system from the 15 minute timeframe. As I was looking to trade fulltime this was the biggest selling point for me.
The problem arises about performance. After learning the system and then trading it on a demo account I wasnt that impressed with the results and this was NOT because I didnt understand the strategys. After my account went down 10%, I began to lose confidence . I spoke with my coach (not mentor... see later) and he suggested trading the higher timeframes. The problem with testing the higher timeframes is that it takes too long to build up enough trades to fill you with confidence and belief. After all, trading 10 a point means that you risk losing 500-900 on some of the higher timeframes. Of course, you can reduce down to 1 a point but if you want to make this worth your while and make a living in trading, anything less than 5 a point just isnt worth it.

I decided to ask Trendsignal themselves for proper proof of performance. I didnt just want stats. I wanted to see a trading journal of past trades for all strategies and all timeframes. After all, I have paid 3,600 and 30 a month subscription so why should I do all the donkey work? Guess what, I am still waiting. Even today there is NOTHING on their website to prove that their strategies work. The last point count for the 15 minute sniper is for January 2014. My next step was to back test myself. Having traded on MT4, back testing is a way of life. But, because of the limitations of Ensign it is way too much of a mission to go back further than 2 weeks on the 15 minutes and 4 months on the 4 hour. Even then, the Sniper circle seems to be missing from bad trade but present for good trades. There is a technique to rediscover a Sniper but why should I have to put in any more effort than just looking? The conclusion for back testing is that it is just not possible to effectively (12 months) test on any timeframe less than 4 hour and too much of a mission to back test on anything on or above the 4 hour. But again, why should I have to back test???

Trendsignal Ltd (The Company)
I guess the only way to do this is to list my expectations and give my experiences

Trendsignal Community
I really thought I would be joining an active community of other Trendsignal Users where we could interact and share trading experiences. A live trading room would have been great. If not that, I was expecting to have access to a exclusive chat room and a forum where fellow Trendsignal users would be buzzing. The reality is very different. There is no chatroom or forum hosted by Trendsignal. There is a chatroom in Ensign but Trendsignal refuse to promote it, for whatever reason, and therefore it is empty. In fact, active Trendsignal users are very hard to find. Apparently, in the past there used to be a Skype group for Trendsignal users but it was closed down and Trendsignal have no intention of opening it back up.

Trendsignal offer a coaching service. Trendsignal Ltd make it clear that they consider coaches to be customers of Trendsignal. Please note that I use the word coaching rather than mentoring. This is deliberate as the guys (Mike and Stuart) certainly do not mentor you. As there is no real Training Program for your coach to deliver, you are very much at the mercy of your coach and their commitment to you. My personal experience was that I felt sessions where rushed and I was constantly watching the clock. There was certainly no concern as to my development as a trader and no arm around the shoulder from neither Trendsignal nor the coach. In fact, after my last coaching session there hasnt been a single inquiry as to how I am doing and this is still the case 6 months in. The coaches are nice guys but ultimately I want is to be shown how to make money with Trendsignal not just have a new contact on Skype.

Training Day
I was invited to a Training day at Cranfield. My expectation was based upon a shot in the Trendsignal marketing video clip on the website. Needless to say, my experience was completely different. I travelled a day early so I could get a good nights sleep before attending. Trendsignal HQ is actually a satellite office in a building containing 20 plus other companies where all the facilities are shared. On arrival we were greeted and taken to the communal canteen for coffee and handshakes. We where then lead to the shared meeting room where we grabbed a seat and. On the desk was a booklet of PowerPoint slides and a pen. We DID NOT have our own laptop as is shown in the advertising video. The training was essentially to go through the booklet we were given. There presentation was given by one of the coaches and he did have a laptop hooked up to the markets running Ensign/Trendsignal which he would occasionally reference. There was NO tea/coffee on offer at all, but they did provide lunch and cold drinks. Im not quite sure of the purpose of the training day but the general feeling on the day was that not worth the effort unless you live local. It was a waste of time and money. I really feel for those that had flown into Milton Keynes for this event. There is no way it is worth it. I have since been in contact with other Trendsignal users (I did find some) and none of them found the training day to be worth the effort. You be better off keeping the cost of the train/plane/petrol and hotel and placing it into your trading account.

Continued Support
Now according to testimonials I have read. This is an area where Trandsignal are supposed to excel.
1) Weekly Workshops
They do offer a twice weekly workshop service on a Monday and Thursday morning (provided you qualify). This is split in to two parts. The first 30 mins is hosted by Adrian and is a review of the snipers on the 4hour and daily timeframe. Occasionally he will deviate and answer a question that may have been asked but I have found him to be very selective as to which question he is prepared to answer. All the rest he just completely ignores and offers no follow-up. The second 30 minutes is hosted by Gerry and is an assessment of the economic news for that week. Although Gerrys bit is interesting, it adds no value to your trading with Trendsignal and offers nothing more than what you could get from watching 30 minutes of Bloomberg with your morning coffee. No offence Gerry but I need to know when to be looking for a Sniper and making money. Not really interested in how much a bag of rice is in China.
2) Updates
From my investigations, I found that Trensignal do have a tendency to move the goalposts at times when it comes to their strategies. Unfortuneately they are not very good at keeping you in the loop about this unless you watch the weekly workshops (if you qualify). It would take nothing for them to compile a mailing list and keep us all informed about observations and suggestions. They dont even update their own website. Even now there is information on there about not taking the Yen pairs as a sniper because of trending. This posted last year and is very much out of date. It all seems a very lazy attitude. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that since giving Trendsignal my credit card details. I have not been contacted by Trendsignal HQ once either by email, skype or phone. In fact. I do not even have a receipt from them.
As of right now, I feel I have been massively duped and bought something that is overpriced and does not work. Trendsignal Ltd seem more enthusiastic about selling software than they are about its performance. They are quite content to let ANYONE buy their product. than actually assesing its performance. Their marketing videos are professionally produced but do set a standard that that the company nowhere matches.
The Challenge
I have lost all confidence in Trendsignals performance and its ability to maintain consistent results. Until such time as it can be PROVEN to me that Trandsignal can perform, I will NOT put big cash into the market based upon it. This is a direct plea to Adrian & Gerry. Please help us, to make your product work. I challenge you to address the issues I have raised in this review. You have many customers out there who feel massively let down and have a big Credit Card Bill to pay off. PROVE to us that Trendsignal works. Show us a log of potential Trades that could have been taken covering the last year. Do the backtesting across all timeframes. Weve paid more than enough for this work to be done for us. Create a daily/weekly mailing list telling the status of Trendsignal trades (good and bad). Tell us about trades that have happened or that are currently in progress. I am a fully paid member of the Trendsignal service so I will be watching. I am not asking for a signal, so your lack of FCA authorisation does not come into this. If the Mods will allow it, it is my intention to provide monthly reviews of this review and hopefully I will be able to add more positive content.
Here is hoping.........
Trend-Signal does work, and can be profitable, BUT ............


My experience and thoughts may be of some interest.

Have been using TS now since Oct-13. After a number of weeks in demo mode (to learn platform function, trade execution and build confidence in using the system etc) I went live in mid-Nov. To date I am pleased to say I have recouped my inital investment several times over and my on-going trade performance enables me to maintain constistent levels of profitability.

I have found the training, tutorials, manuals, bi-weekly webinars and on-going support to be first class.

BUT ...............
You MUST .. learn the TS system, stick to the rules, remain focused, be diciplined, trade your defined plan and manage your trades (finances).

I would sum this up in one word ... MIND-SET Learn it, apply it and maintain it.

Prior to purchasing TS I had for several years traded the sports trading markets via Betfair / Betangel. (I still trade these markets) . This experience has enabled me to apply the correct MIND-SET approach to my TS trading and I am sure has been a posiitve in my results.

In summary:
With the correct learning and application this system can and in my case does work. Given the consistent returns I am currently seeing I would consider TS to be good value for money.

Please always remember .... Perfect practice & execution makes perfect.

To your continued success
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