PYX Markets

PYX Markets

Amazing brokerage


I've been using this brokerage for last 6 months. Till now my experience has been awesome. Loved the spreads and execution. Withdrawals haven been processed in 1 day. I've requested 2 withdrawals till now.

Thank you

- Siddiqui
Terriblly restricted platform with only minnow bets allowed

A really weak offering, surprised they have any customers as I can name 7 other companies who, whilst far from perfect, are far far superior to these clowns in every aspect. The only company I have used who are worse than PYX are Bet Victor, so avoid both at all costs.
Also - if you look at the posts of Los Pinos, they invariably talk about how great / transparent / intuitive / honest PYX Markets are. Virtually every post as if it was written by a publicist for PYX. The funny thing is that this is the MD Richard writing all these posts, showing how cheating and disingenous they really are!!
Same old same old

I'd like to know where they got my email address from exactly as I'm fed up with random companies, many of them boiler room scams emailing and phoning me on my ex directory, TPS home number and hassling me to death, especially when I tell them EXACTLY what they can do when they get in touch. This may be a genuine company for all know but for me, any financial company that canvasses automatically sets alarm bells ringing for these very reasons.
I also wonder why anyone would sign up to T2W, withtout a post to their name purely to leave a review on this. Hmm?
2 things which to me immediately say, if not 'dodgy as f**k', definitely 'annoying as f**k''!
Good starting point

Have been trading on PYX for a week now and am really enjoying it. Other than thtier site downtime last wednesday, have had a problem at all. Although it is early days, I would recommend it!
Could not be happier with this platfom

I had registered with PYXmarkets just after they launched through an email that I received. This is an alternative to spread betting and fixed odds trading as I can get a leveraged return whilst knowing that my losses are limited to the amount I trade.

Pricing is better than the competitors, real time price feeds, I can sell the position throughout the day if I want and my funds are secure.... which is most important for me as I was burnt by MFGlobal.

There are no other binary companies that I know that have such a clean transparent company without a catch.l