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It's a shame that this platform doesn't understand the value of historical data to traders from most walks of life (mechanical/systematic/fundamental,etc).
Useless datafeed

I need a precise bid/ask data for index trading. IB datafeed is of no use as they do not provide real tick data. Historical data are very limited. I have to subscribed to another datafeed.
Live feed for forex is great - for historical, it's the worst

I'm a forex trader so this is all related to their forex feed.

They seem to do a good job of merging all their contributors into a decent live feed so I'd give them 9/10 for that but their historical data is abysmal.

Firstly when you have a chart of a day's worth of minute bars built up from the live feed, and then you hit refresh, it reloads all the data from their historical server and you can see all the candles look different - longer wicks, longer bodies, less gaps etc, i.e. not what you could have traded.

Secondly I get continuous disconnects when trying to load historical data during peak hours. IB Support won't even help let alone offer a solution. They say it's my ISP and that's all theyre prepared to say. My ISP is British Telecom so I can't be the only one to complain about this but then, so what? I'm a small fish and they are huge, so I get ignored.

Thirdly they throw you off their servers when you try to download more than a certain amount of history. You get a "pacing violation". It makes it a long drawn out torture to download any serious quantity of data. I guess I see it two or three times a week.

These three bad points though are just about not enough to make me go elsewhere. Yet!
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