How I Trade for a Living

How I Trade for a Living

A Gem

Its absolutely a Gem, highly recommended, author is not one of the sharks, he is not after your money.

A real trader, original style and a great book.!!!
A classic

Well, I can truly say that this is one of the very rare books that represent what everyone wants to achieve - trading for a living. As such, I cannot believe nobody has reviewed it as yet, so here goes:

This has to be one of the most honest, down to earth trading books ever written. It has all of the insights into trading that we all go through - after all Smith traded for some 15 years on an account that ranged between 2k-4k. Now if after that he can make it, so can others.

Smith details his 'epiphany' and his trading techniques completely and details many examples of the types of set-ups he uses. Admittedly he now trades almost exclusively mutual funds, the fact that his 2k has grown (at time of book publishing) to 700k alone should be reason enough for all serious traders to buy, read and re-read this book.

I liked it !